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The Business Owner’s Dilemma: Dividing Time Between Self and Business

By KK Hart

Many wellness business owners (myself included) struggle to find time for self-care. We give 100% of our time and effort to running our businesses, and, because we know there’s no set schedule or salary, we tend to push the limits to achieve results as quickly and dramatically as possible. Often, this means our personal commitments and interests are put on the back burner.

As a personal and professional coach, a Certified MINDBODY Consultant, and owner of several wellness businesses myself, I have first-hand experience with the burnout this kind of lifestyle causes—especially in the long run. That’s why I’ve compiled the following tips to help you find more balance this year and to help you seamlessly divide your time between self and business.

Schedule in “you-time”

Take it from me, it’s necessary to take time for yourself. Over the years, I’ve learned that scheduling and prioritizing, not only business tasks but also personal commitments, has helped me avoid neglecting myself and loved ones. From doctor appointments and meetings to meals and even time with friends and family, scheduling “you-time” is essential. Then, you can prioritize and schedule administrative tasks like pulling reports, updating website content, and connecting with staff accordingly, with a clear head.

Develop a routine

When working for yourself, it’s important to create good habits. Although sticking to a routine requires discipline, it’s well worth it. Start by developing a morning schedule; wake up and get ready at the same time each day, just as if you were going to clock in. Routine helps you make the most of each and every day.

Rethink your definition of “vacation”

Vacations aren’t always taking a trip to another city or foreign country. Instead, think of a vacation as simply time away from your business to refresh your mind. When you do this, you allow for clear thoughts and new ideas to flow. These vacations can be taken as often as once a month as a break from reports, staffing headaches, money management, and more. If possible, major vacations should be taken every six months to truly restore your creative mind. As business owners, silencing the noise in our heads on a regular basis helps our visions become clearer.

Forgive yourself

The most important thing I’ve learned in balancing life and work is forgiveness. After all, you’re doing the best you can. Forgive yourself for the little things you might miss or have to reschedule because a staff-member got sick and required you to sub in. Forgive yourself for the appointment you were late for because selling a membership took longer than planned. Most people will understand, especially your family and close friends. I’ve learned that those who don’t probably aren’t who you’re meant to have in your life anyway.

“Balance is everything” is a simple saying, but one that I’ve said to myself time and time again. Only by striving for balance is it possible to excel in both your personal and professional life. Trust me, you’ve got this.

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About the author:

KK Hart

KK Hart

Mindbody-Certified Business Consultant

KK owns and operates several fitness studios and beauty businesses. She’s also the CEO of a boutique marketing agency specializing in the health, fitness, wellness, and small business industries. With extensive experience as an international fitness and business expert, KK is regularly featured on Fox and The Huffington Post, among other media outlets. She has a graduate degree in Health and Business and over 15 years of consulting experience specifically helping fitness, wellness, and beauty businesses grow. 

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