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Booker Features You May Have Missed

By Mindbody Product Team

August 14, 2023

2022 was a busy and big year for us at Booker. We seek to continuously evolve–and that means adding new features to help your business run more seamlessly. These upgrades to our software come at a particularly good time for salons and spas looking to make the most out of the year ahead.

From more robust marketing features to streamlined booking experiences, let’s take a look at what we’ve added to help you increase revenue.

Facebook (Meta) Pixel tracking and online booking integration

Wish you had a better way to measure the success of your Facebook campaigns? Look no further. We rolled out Facebook Pixel tracking to help you monitor conversions from Facebook ads, build targeted audiences, and remarket to people who have already visited your website. You can also create Lookalike Audiences to reach those who may be interested in your business because they share characteristics with your existing customers.

New look and feel for campaigns and automations

The Marketing tab in your Booker software got a fresh new look. You’ll now enjoy a seamless and integrated experience across all Marketing Suite pages including campaigns, automations, and contact lists. You'll also see updated branding, fonts, and user interface elements. Along with these updates, all touch points referring to Frederick have been removed from your software. Learn more about our robust suite of acquisition and automated retention marketing tools.

Integrated Contract and Pricing Option filters for easy creation of marketing audiences

Client retention just got easier with contract and pricing option-based smart lists. You will be able to build email and SMS campaigns and automations that prompt your clients to renew their memberships or re-up their packages.

Learn more about Contact Field Filters that you can use to create smart lists for your marketing campaigns. 

Expand the reach of your marketing with social share

Email continues to be one of the strongest marketing channels for businesses. Now you can put that email content to use again and again for even better results. Improve the ROI of your email content by sharing over multiple marketing channels! Share ‘Sent’ campaigns via a public URL over social media channels, WhatsApp, or text. Now you can generate a Tiny URL and keep location-based merge tags in the email, without impacting the performance stats of your email send.

Learn more about sharing campaigns via public URLs.

Group bookings using series benefits

Group bookings have become easier and more flexible. Now your customers can use series (like a 10-pack of massages, for example) as a form of payment while completing a group booking online. Other payment methods for online group bookings include a valid credit card or a pre-paid gift card/certificate on file.

Check out this article in our Support Center to learn more about group bookings.

Hold appointments online with series benefits or gift cards

Previously, holding appointments was limited to a credit card payment method. You can now choose to let your customers hold a service appointment using their series and benefits balance or a gift card. You can choose to provide this as an option depending on your needs.

Enable time-saving concurrent packages

For maximum convenience, your guests can book multiple services that start and are performed at the same time by multiple staff members (think a mani/pedi session and a shoulder massage at the same time). Applicable packages are marked with a “time-saving” tag to let clients know which services can be booked for the same time. This feature also allows you to maximize revenue per client booking while optimizing your schedule and use of space.

Customer Profiles are even better

We’ve updated our online booking Customer Profiles, so your customers can now be reminded of memberships or series benefits that will expire soon. You know that means? Increased recurring revenue and fewer issues with prepayment. 

Collect individual guest information for group appointments

Now, you can collect it from all guests involved in a group appointment—not just the client booking the group session. This added benefit will ensure each guest receives a reminder for their appointment and save you time by collecting necessary information from each guest before they arrive. On top of that, this influx of client contact info increases the number of people you can market to for future services and offers.

Better online credit card management

You can count on fewer awkward conversations about client credit cards. Your clients can now manage their own credit cards online via online booking. Clients can easily add and delete their credit cards, mark a default card, and link a card to their membership by themselves.  

We've also added tools to help you easily manage memberships paid automatically by credit cards on file. The new tools include:  

  • New email scheduler: Finds and sends emails to all your clients who have memberships and whose cards are about to expire. 
  • Email deep-linking: Emails sent to clients will have links directly to their card details in the online booking. 

Improved Booker performance

We've revamped our Product and Engineering team. Now you can enjoy the benefits of increased backend performance and less downtime. In 2022, we formed a dedicated Booker Stability team, and they worked on reducing timeouts, reducing double charges, and fixing time zone issues. We’ve had 99.99% uptime for the past 12 months (as of February 2023) and our major incident counts have decreased year over year. 

In 2023, this dedicated Booker Stability team will continue to monitor and optimize Booker performance and stability.

Bottom line—we’re constantly improving our platform to help you cater to your clients, streamline operations and, hopefully, improve profitability.

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