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Heat up your summer with 5 new Booker by Mindbody Features

5 New Booker by Mindbody Features to Help You Soak Up Summer Profits

By Lisa Starr

It’s hard to believe it, but summer is here! Fifteen months after the start of the pandemic, much of the US has relaxed restrictions (aside from mask-wearing), and many other countries are also slowly reopening. Salons and spas are welcoming clients back, and those clients are making up for lost time by booking up available slots at a brisk clip. So, now that business is feeling SOMEWHAT closer to normal, it’s time to lay out a plan for management activities for the summer that will prepare your business to maximize sales as we enjoy the summer and look forward to the fall season.

Many beauty businesses are rolling back the extra time that had been built into the schedule for cleaning and disinfecting in between clients, enabling them to tighten up on utilization rates. While bookings have been strong, as we move into the summer season, you may see some of that volume diminishing due to the combination of typical summer activities as well as the fact that the newness of resuming routines will be wearing off. Make the most of some summer downtime and retool some of your business processes, many of which will be made easier by recent Booker by Mindbody updates.  

Turn up the heat on your email marketing

Yes, Instagram is the darling of the digital set at the moment, and no doubt you need to be active there. But email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing channels, and experts say that for every $1 you spend, you can expect an ROI of $51! Currently, 290 billion emails are sent daily, so to help your business stand out, the Mindbody team is providing some new tools.

Here’s how to get more out of your email marketing during the summer months:

  • Pull up your old templates and ensure that your messaging is still current.
  • Refresh your photos (so you can achieve better engagement) with Marketing Suite’s new Unsplash integration. Unsplash is an amazing source for high-quality salon and spa photos that are completely free, out of a library of over two million. It’s never been easier to pull in stellar photography.
  • Take advantage of Marketing Suite’s new HTML editor. This summer, you can send out emails that have a completely custom and branded look and feel.
  • Make over your CTAs with new editor blocks for offers, video, and social. These make it easy for you to have specific CTAs in your e-blast by providing an easily clickable link. Offers make it easy for your clients to add product promotions to their cart for a seamless checkout—boosting your summer revenue. Video dramatically increases click-through rates, so now you can add tutorials or other snippets to the email message. And, of course, you want every email to include links out to your social accounts. When you use the new social block in your email template, all of your accounts are automatically shared in each email, saving a lot of time.
  • The key to getting your clients to open (let alone, read) your emails is your subject line. And there’s a brand-new feature to help you. With Smart Subject Lines, Marketing Suite leverages artificial intelligence to suggest the best subject lines for you based on your business and the specific email content. How do Smart Subject Lines know the best options? The recommendations are based on the top-performing subject lines of the millions of emails sent each month through Marketing Suite.
  • Sit back and check the new performance reports that provide deeper metrics for emails sent from within the platform to see how all of your email and text messaging campaigns are doing, including the ability to see which links are clicked on.

Add The Complete Guide to Email Marketing for Salon, Spa, and Wellness Businesses to your summer reading list.

Make your online booking sizzle

Summer is often a time of staff shortages due to vacations and turnover, including at the front desk, and that will likely continue this year. And with new features in Booker by Mindbody, there is no better time to optimize your online booking and shift more routine booking activities off your front desk’s plate. Encouraging your regulars to book their next visit at checkout, or to complete bookings online, allows the existing front desk staff to focus on new clients who are visiting, incoming phone calls (if you haven’t solved this issue already with Messenger[ai]), suggesting upsells upon check-in, and rebooking and retailing upon checkout.

Online booking is a powerful tool. In fact, a significant portion of appointments made on the Booker platform come from online sources—and the majority of those from mobile devices! And with Booker by Mindbody’s new and customizable online booking features, this is the summer to fine-tune the appearance of your service menu and welcome more revenue through your doors.

Take advantage of these new online booking features during the warmer months:

  • Organize services and groupings in the way that you like, customizing treatment names, perhaps showcasing seasonal offerings, or leading off with your higher-priced treatments.
  • You can also now sell memberships online, giving clients the ability to agree to your terms, create the actual agreement, and complete payment without them even coming in.
  • Use specific display names for staff that clients see, without conflicting with their legal name in reports or payroll. This is great if you’re looking to add credentials or specializations for clients to see.

And, now, there’s more you can leverage:

  • A refreshed design gives your clients a modern, more app-like booking experience.
  • Upload images for your services to showcase your brand and entice clients to book.
New look of service menu in Booker on a phone

New features showcase your services

New look of booking a service on a mobile device on Booker

Updates also make group booking easier for clients

Check out the video series on these new features I created with Mindbody’s Matt Lerner to see more and get ideas.

Shed some (sun)light on your client forms

As more clients become accustomed to completing paperwork before their visit, summer is a great time to review your forms and make sure they are updated and relevant. This may also be the time you can amend or discontinue the use of any COVID-related forms you may have been using. Booker by Mindbody has enabled advanced management of these forms with updates to this feature. Plus, when viewing the appointment information internally, now you’ll just see the relevant forms for that specific appointment.

Make sure your client forms are in top form this summer:

  • Decide whether you’d rather email or text clients forms ahead of their visit.

And now:

  • Customize your policies with the new integrated editor and formatting tools.
  • Collect digital signatures for your forms–it’s convenient and low touch!
Business view of client signature settings

It’s never been so easy to get a signature on file

Client view of signature in Client Forms

It's sleek and intuitive for clients, too

Check out the sun-sational enhancements to checkout

This summer, your clients will have the best checkout experience yet. It’s all about making things quicker and more seamless—for your team and clients alike! Refined management options relating to store credit and house or barter accounts lighten the summer load for the front desk. Now, your staff can view customer balances, both on the desktop and mobile versions, and process these as payments, refunds, or store credits. Clients can also pre-select tip amounts, both suggested and customized, allowing for contactless checkout. Care to save and delete orders? You now can, and this is perfect when a client calls ahead to ask what a total will be.

Bask in the best summer project—inventory!

Regardless of your sales level and YOY results, one sure-fire way to increase your profit margins this summer is to tighten up on your back bar and retail product supply management protocols. Booker by Mindbody has recently overhauled the inventory management system, which will allow tighter controls of these essential, but sometimes untracked, expense centers.

Here’s how to get your inventory in shape:

  • First, all SKUs should be entered into your inventory system as either retail supply, professional, or both.
  • Then, begin to create par levels and reorder points for each SKU. When you set your par levels, be sure to take into account how much of a product you will use/sell in between ordering times and consider the amount of time that will elapse from when you place the order until the products arrive in your salon or spa.
  • Once these data points are set, your software will trigger automated reminders when you need to reorder, and, happily, the software will consider both online and brick-and-mortar sales. And coming soon, classify inventory as either retail, back bar, or both for more efficient tracking and analytics.      

Concurrently to setting up the online system, you can use some summer downtime to also re-examine your overall ordering, receiving, and stocking protocols. Fine-tuning of this sort can pay great dividends in the long run, lowering the cost of carrying inventory and increasing your profit margins. Just be sure to allow a little extra time into your calculations, as it will likely take a few more months for the current supply chain and delivery delays to be sorted.

Welcoming staff and guests back into operations that seem more “as usual” will certainly feel great this summer, as will making progress on some of these efforts which should streamline operations and, hopefully, improve profitability.

See all the latest V1 releases here and V2 releases here

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About the author:

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