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4 Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience

By Mindbody

Customer experience is an important factor in the success of a business—especially in the world of fitness, beauty, and wellness. It’s simple: if your customers are happy with their experience, they’ll continue to come back.

In today’s ever-connected world, your customers can interact with your business anytime, anywhere. And with the digital world open 24/7, your online presence is now just as important as your storefront.

Thankfully, with new technologies on the market, there are more opportunities than ever for customers to have an exceptional experience with your business.

Ready to wow your clients? Check out these four ways to make an impact with your customer experience:

1. Build relationships

Your business depends on its community to be successful. So, building personal relationships with your customers should be a top priority.

This starts from the very first time they walk through your doors. Learn their names, ask about their interests and hobbies, and find out what’s bringing them in. A warm greeting will make them feel like a valued and welcome member of your business.

2. Make life (and booking) seamless

It’s no secret your customers expect your business’ offerings to be as accessible as possible. From your website to your front desk, make sure you have the right tools in place to streamline your operations and improve your customer experience. This includes your:

  • Website. Have an integrated, online booking system with an up-to-date schedule. Customers should be able to easily book a class or appointment with minimal effort. They should also be able to check out and pay from the same page. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and matches the look and feel of your business, too.   

  • Front desk. Your check-in and payment process should be as simple and painless as possible. With a mobile point of sale (POS), customers can get in and out of your business smoothly. And even when you’re away from your front desk, you’ll be able to provide a VIP check-in and checkout experience. 

  • Mobile app. Give clients another way to interact with your business, 24/7.  With a branded mobile app, your business has prime real estate on your clients’ devices. Plus, you can send push notifications and keep clients in-the-know. 

3. Hire the right employees

With a solid team by your side, your clients are more likely to enjoy a consistent, branded experience. 

But great employees aren’t found—they’re trained. Create an operations manual to standardize business processes and policies to make sure that the day-to-day of your business runs smoothly. Both your employees and customers will thank you!

4. Listen to feedback

When you listen and respond to customer feedback—both positive and negative—it shows clients you care. Regularly check your review sites and quickly address complaints and thank positive comments.

Encourage your best customers to share their experiences with others and use their suggestions to adapt your business. By listening to your community, you give them a stake in your business and show that they’re a part of your success.

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