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4 Ways to Cultivate a Strong Company Culture

By Mindbody

The first step to launching a successful business is cultivating a strong culture for both employees and clients alike. Matt Hale, the CEO and co-founder of Modern Acupuncture, made it his mission to better the lives of others—and that includes his growing team. When he launched his business in 2016, his goal was to open a franchise that positively impacted every employee, from the corporate level to the acupuncturist. Today, Modern Acupuncture is a leading wellness brand with nearly 40 locations and a team of over 200 employees who have introduced 126,100 people to acupuncture and treated a total of 905,523 patients and counting.

As part of Mindbody’s Momentum Series, our team has the chance to learn from and celebrate the success of thriving wellness businesses. In our recent conversation with Hale, he credits the growth of his franchise to a key factor: building a company culture that’s felt across every location.

Here are a few of his tips to do just that:

Define your mission—and communicate it with your team

Establishing a solid culture early on is essential for growth. Hale advises building that culture off of a well-defined mission. What are your brand’s values? What’s your long-term vision? Take time to identify why you do what you do—and why your employees will want to work for you. Once you have it, showcase it on your website, in your recruiting materials, and throughout your office. By defining your goal upfront, you’ll set your staff up for success.

Hire based on experience

The next tip Hale offers is to selectively hire your staff based on their skill level. He believes hiring based on experience is essential to long-term success.

Once you’ve hired a staff member, provide them with guard rails—in other words, clear expectations and excellent training. Then, trust them to effectively perform their job. Doing so creates a more confident team. It also frees up time and energy for you.

Always emphasize culture

Next, Hale emphasizes the importance of creating a great team culture—one that flows throughout the entire company. For Hale, that means treating every employee like family and having fun. In team meetings, for example, he suggests opening with music or watching an engaging video clip. He believes a positive company culture should permeate every day, throughout the organization.

Build an immersive experience at each location

Hale also believes customers should feel a sense of your mission and positive team culture as soon as they walk through your doors. For Modern Acupuncture, clients walk into a “zen lounge” with zero-gravity chairs and scenic imagery. They even play music that is scientifically proven to help take patients from “flight or fight” to the “rest and digest” mode.

No matter what brings a client to your wellness business, your goal should be to provide an environment where they can escape the stress and responsibilities of the outside world. This serene environment will feel positive and uplifting to staff, too.

The takeaway? Enhance your team by creating a concrete culture.  When your team is confident about their purpose, that sense goes far beyond the employee level—it trickles down to your customers, as well.

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