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10 Things You Didn't Know About Mindbody One

By Mindbody

Building a business can be a dream come true, but is no easy endeavor. Let’s face it, with competition and expenses on the rise, there plainly is just not enough time in the day to tackle it all. Mindbody as a software helps you conquer quite a bit, but where do you go to figure out the rest?

That’s where Mindbody One comes in handy! This exclusive Mindbody community is created for businesses to get answers to questions that Google can’t even help with! Here are ten things you probably didn’t know about Mindbody One:

1. You get to ask your peers, anything.

What a better way to learn, then to learn from others who are on the same journey that you are. The beauty of Mindbody One is that it’s a safe community to ask anything you want. Whether it be how to price your membership, how to find your staff, the community is quick and easily accessible destination for answers from your peers at any time and wherever you are.  

2. Speak with Certified Consultants.

Ever need help building out your website, creating a marketing plan or simply growing your business? Tap a Mindbody Certified Consultant and you can find them active within Mindbody One. The community is full of consultants willing and eager to answer your questions and help you meet your goals.

3. Get the inside scoop.

Mindbody One has groups within the community. One of the most popular is the “research” group where the Mindbody research team shares software updates and ideas to get your feedback on before launch. Get exclusive access to surveys within the group so that you can rest assure that your voice is heard and that you are making a difference.

4. Become a Champion!

A Champion is a Mindbody advocate. Champions provide constructive feedback, as well as contribute valuable ideas back to Mindbody and within the community. Our champions support other Mindbody customers, build relationships with other businesses, and work with the hosts to make sure the community is receiving the attention it needs.

5. Share your story.

Did you have a great experience with a Mindbody representative or another community member? Do you just need to vent? Share it with your peers! Mindbody One is a safe place to be honest and share your situation in case someone else can relate.

6. Learn how to grow your business.

Mindbody One hosts monthly virtual meetups, bringing in expert Mindbody consultants to speak about topics you’ve asked to learn more about!

7. Meet like-minded people.

The Mindbody One community has thousands of other people on the same journey as you. Find other Mindbody customers near you to partner with, grow with, workout with! Use the “near me” tab to pull a list of people who are also eager to meet you! Reach out through the chat and start a convo right in the community!

8. Attend events.

Join us for virtual meetups and webinars on a wide range of topics hosted by experts in your industry. Learn when MBU, BOLD Tours and other events are taking place.

9. Learn about your industry.

Read through the poll results, responses to questions and struggles other industry leaders are tackling in the ever growing discussion feed. Learn how others have combated what could be similar struggles you are facing, with real-life solutions.

10. Connect with your City Managers.

Check to see if your city has a city manager and join the private group to carry on conversations pre and post events, connect with other people close by and learn about all of the exciting things happening in your hometown.

Mindbody One is a resource available to all Mindbody managers and business owners who are eager to get answers quickly and grow their businesses. Want to learn more about the community, check it out! Login here:

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