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Our mission is to empower everyone to find strength, companionship, and support inside the Mindbody One community. As a Champ, you’re the heart of that mission.

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"We are one, let's impact many, together." 

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Who are the Champs?

The Champions embody the Mindbody spirit and inspire change inside and outside of the Mindbody One community. They bring energy to conversations, validation to concerns, and fresh ideas to the table, all while shaping Mindbody’s technology with their perspective as industry experts.  

Champs talking on stage during roundtable discussion

What do Champs do?

They actively make a difference in the wellness industry by bringing their experience as wellness business owners, managers, or consultants to the table and representing all our customers during discussions on important industry topics. Always speaking their truth, they share their unique perspective during conversations with Mindbody leadership, product owners, and the Mindbody One community.

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How do Champs help?

Champions breathe life into the community by rooting for their peers, weighing in on concerns, and influencing the culture of Mindbody One. Plus, they shape Mindbody’s technology and motivate our internal team by sharing their experiences as avid Mindbody users.

What are the perks of being a Champ?

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