Branded web tools

From booking to payments, create a consistent
experience for all of your customers.

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Integrate your website

With branded web tools:

  • You can give your schedule the same look and feel as your website.
  • Your customers can view your MINDBODY schedule right on your website and Facebook* page.
  • They can create an account and book and pay on desktop or mobile—all without leaving your site.
* This feature is not available on the Facebook app.

Branded web tools

work with all modern website platforms

Plus: LiveEdit, SpaceCraft, Shopify, Drupal, Joomla, GoDaddy and more.

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Meet the tools


Give customers the ability to view your schedule, sign up and pay for classes without leaving your site.



Allow customers to find and book appointments directly on your website.



Let customers register and pay for workshops and events on the spot.



Put links on your website for customers to easily buy, check their schedules or manage their accounts.

More tools

You’ll also get tools for paperless registration, lead collection and staff and class descriptions.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are branded web tools and how do they work?
    Think of branded web tools as little pieces of software that live on your website and perform a single, specific job. MINDBODY branded web tools take your existing data from your MINDBODY account and put it directly onto your website.
  • Can branded web tools be customized to match my website?
    Yes, and it takes very little time. Our team will guide you through the customization process to match the look and feel of your website—such as colors and fonts—but it also can be done from within your account by you or your web developer.
  • Do I have to be technical to install branded web tools on my website? Will I need a web developer?
    Our team will guide you through the setup process—rest assured that getting your branded web tools on your website is very straightforward. All it takes is copying a few lines of code and pasting them onto your website. Typically, installing branded web tools takes as little as a few minutes, and can even be handled by you or your web developer if you prefer.
  • Will branded web tools keep clients on my website?
    Yes, as long as you also have the cart tool activated. The cart is the part of our web tools that takes over once someone clicks to sign up or buy. It mimics the ecommerce part of MINDBODY Consumer Mode, but does so directly on your website.
  • What if I have trouble installing the web tools or need help?
    We have a full Support Center with dozens of frequently asked questions. You can also contact our Support Team for more help.

Want to know more about MINDBODY branded web tools?

Branded web tools is a set of features included in the Pro, Accelerate and Ultimate software packages.

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