Quicker Ways to Add and Edit Pricing

Do your prices change with the seasons? Maybe you want to add some back-to-school specials, or adjust your membership cost for a fall promotion. Now, you can add and edit pricing options right from your Pricing page.
(To get to your Pricing page, click Home, and then Services & Pricing. Then, select the Pricing tab on the left side of the screen.)

Use the new button to quickly add a pricing option.

Your newly added pricing option will be listed on the Pricing page alphabetically. Here, you can make instant changes to the price. Click on a value in the Price column, and type in a new price. To save your change, press Enter on your keyboard. Use this fast feature to make your annual increases, or to adjust your prices for a flash sale.

  • Tip: Use your Tab key to skip down to the next price to edit. Look for the green checkmark to confirm that your change has been saved.

Learn more about pricing options.

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