Fit City Guide: Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Each year, the American College of Sports Medicine releases the American Fitness Index reporting on how people in the top fifty metropolitan areas in the United States live. We reached out to unique businesses in each of the top five rated cities across the country. Read on to learn about what an active lifestyle looks like in second-ranked Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Overall Rank: 2

Overall Score: 76.7

Personal Health Rank: 4

Community Health Rank: 2

“The rest of the country may be surprised by this ranking but not Twin Citians. I think that the reason we are ranked number two is testimony enough to the fact that in enlightened communities like the Twin Cities, fitness is a lifestyle and not a chore to be endured. Indoors or outdoors every month of the year Minnesota folks find ways to maintain and enhance their physical fitness” -ZeSa Fitness

Studio 1: ZeSa Fitness

ZeSa Fitness has been characterized as “the next evolution of fitness.” ZeSa features a new type of equipment called an Activator. The Activator helps conduct functional and balance training exercises. The body’s instinctive response to instability causes more muscles to become engaged and fire correctly than when performing similar exercises on a flat surface, meaning students in ZeSa’s classes burn more calories and get a great workout.

Where You Can Find It: 1024 Washington Avenue

Studio 2: WeRow Fitness Studio

Rowing uses about 86% of your muscle mass, incorporating a leg press, a deadlift and an upper body row, which means you burn major calories while toning, strengthening and increasing endurance without impact. While workouts at WeRow range from individual endurance rows to intervals to power strokes, gym goers are no stranger to other forms of exercise. “In Minneapolis, we take full advantage of our summer months by frequenting our farmer’s markets for fruits and veggies, and you’ll find many biking or walking to work and playing outdoors” WeRow owner Tish Watson explains. “Plus, we are still committed to the fitness during our cold winters with snow sports, fitness centers and boutique studios like weRow.”
Where You Can Find It: 34 13th Avenue NE Suite 110

Studio 3: Haute Barre

Haute Barre offers a variety of class formats designed to strengthen the core, upper body, glutes, hamstrings and quads as well as the smaller stabilizing muscles in the body, providing a low-impact and effective workout geared toward creating and sustaining a healthier, stronger you. Despite the fact that Minnesota gets cold in the winter, Haute Barre helps residents of Minneapolis heat it up in the studio. “Year-round, residents utilize boutique fitness studios and larger-scale gyms to stay fit and active. Group fitness has continued to gain popularity over the years as people look to studios for community and accountability in meeting their health and wellness goals.”

Where You Can Find It: The Shops at West End, 1645 Park Place Blvd

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