Plant a Tree with Green World Campaign

Each spring we celebrate Earth Day to become more conscious of our responsibility toward the environment. At MINDBODY, we take extra measures to minimize our impact on the planet, and we develop products that will help you do the same. We’re committed to preserving our ecosystem, so we’ve partnered with Green World Campaign to extend our efforts across the globe.

Green World Campaign funds ecological and social development to help create sustainable, rural communities, presently focused in Kenya. Founder and Director Marc Barasch believes that by planting trees and supporting eco-agriculture to restore degraded land and local economies, we can “go beyond a model of sustainability to one of regeneration.” His slogan is “ReGreen the World™,” and he notes that “helping woodland landscapes to thrive preserves the environment for generations to come.” But he doesn’t just want to plant trees and walk away; “restoration also creates more arable land, lessening a source of conflict and creating viable communities to slow the pace of urban migration.”

Every aspect of GWC’s activities serves a purpose toward the goal of helping people plant a better future, for themselves and the planet. The multipurpose trees they choose to work with, for example, provide benefits for the entire ecosystem. Calliandra and Grevillea trees were planted in Ethiopia to hold and enrich the eroding land, and in Kenya, Moringa trees not only fix nitrogen in the soil, but provide edible leaves that contain over 30 percent protein and are green even in drought, creating a safeguard against future famines. Trees and healthy soils also absorb carbon dioxide and create moister microclimates, improving the air we breathe and helping to offset the effects of global warming.

Another powerful element behind Green World’s work is the push to support struggling rural economies by creating ways to add to family income. The Calliandra and Grevillea, for example, produce pink blossoms that attract honeybees, supporting the establishment of village honey cooperatives; Moringa leaves can be ground into a high-protein nutritional powder, and the seeds pressed for oil that's used for everything from perfume to biofuel.

The crown jewel of GWC’s work in Kenya is a network of Green World Schools—now numbering 96—where each student body plants up to 2,000 trees and learns about ecology and global citizenship. Last year, largely with the support of MINDBODY customers*, they planted 60,000 trees and affected the lives of 20,000 students, families and local farmers. By introducing children to hands-on ecological concepts, Green World Schools programs are giving the next generation an alternative to cutting down trees out of economic desperation. “Our children are inheriting a planet that is in some peril,” says Barasch. “Our students learn to think of themselves as empowered citizens of their country and their planet who can make a real impact on the environment.”


Green World Campaign takes a truly holistic approach to giving back, and we want to help drive their success as far as possible. It would take a lot of time, money, and effort to fly to Kenya to plant a tree, but you can support GWC as quickly as you can read this post. When you donate five dollars to the Green World Campaign, five more trees are planted on earth. Considering that each of those trees can absorb one ton of carbon dioxide in its lifetime, that may be the best five dollars you’ve ever spent. Having planted over 650,000 trees since its founding in 2005, we owe the Green World Campaign many thanks for making Earth Day an everyday success.

Click here to make a donation of $5 or more to Green World Campaign. You're making a lifetime commitment to help “ReGreen the World™” for generations to come.

*MINDBODY customers have the option to enable an innovative feature that gives anyone making a purchase through MINDBODY the option to contribute to our Charity Partners.