Green 2013: You Helped Plant Trees in Kenya

As the year draws to a close, our charity partners, like many of us, have started to think back on all that they have accomplished during 2013 with the help of the MINDBODY community.

Marc Barasch, founder and executive director of the Green World Campaign, highlighted some of the things that his organization was able to accomplish this year.

“This year, some 3000 people chose to gift Green World Campaign with small online donations, mostly $5-10, that with much dedication by the international office and a minimally paid staff in Mombasa, Kenya enabled us to: 

  • Sustain 85 Green World Schools programs, where kids planted 60,000 multipurpose trees, affecting 20,000 people while learning about ecology and global citizenship
  • Plant 20,000 drought-resistant, soil-restoring moringa trees in poor farming communities, where the tree’s abundant seeds are pressed  by local women into healthy cooking and body oil, while its high-protein leaves are eaten for nutrition
  • Create a youth-driven, national Trees for Peace campaign in Kenya to help resolve intertribal conflict
  • Begin a project to restore Kenya's Pungu Watershed, once home to sacred forest groves and magnificent wildlife.”

In addition to the accomplishments that the Green World Campaign has accomplished this year, Marc shared that the future looks bright for the campaign as well.

“We've now been invited by the local Red Cross to expand into 50 of their sites,” Marc said. “The impact would be tremendous, and a prelude to extending into several hundred of their sites.” 

Marc believes that the campaign will help people in some of the “world’s most degraded land” restore their ecologies and economies.

“We are doing all this, as I sometimes say, ‘walking in seven-league boots and running on a shoestring.’  But through a generosity of heart and spirit, and hard work of hands and feet, our small circle of world-changers has created something with tremendous potential value to Africa and the planet.”

You can read more about the Green World Campaign here.