Realize Your Dreams - A Guide to White Light Meditation

Women practicing yoga

Beyond the perception of our five senses, emanating from the spiritual belt of the universe, a subtle phenomenon awaits popularity and awareness at large. Most of us are still unacquainted with this celestial energy called White Light. White Light Meditation is unique in that it helps manifest our dreams and aspirations by empowering the thoughts, stimulating analytical thinking, magnifying and expressing dormant capabilities, and attracting the necessary resources from known and unknown directions. In this article I shall talk about a simple and short meditation for the purpose of manifestation, called white light meditation.

This meditation does not require any initiation or expertise.

Every time we have a particular thought or wish, we create a new process of subtle energy that has the potential to become a fact, an event in the tangible world. White light empowers our thoughts with divine will, and transforms the higher frequencies of our abstract thoughts into frequencies of the concrete physical world, thus manifesting them as real life incidents.

 The Process:

  1. Find a quiet place where you can carry out this meditation. Sit cross-legged (padmasan) on the floor or sit on a chair.
  2. Keep your palms at the knees, facing upwards. Relax all your muscles.
  3. Close your eyes, breathe normally, and stay calm.
  4. Mentally invite the divine white light to bless and manifest your thoughts and wishes.
  5. Visualize a broad beam of white light falling on the crown of your head, entering your head, and accumulating at the third eye. The third eye, is the subtle energy point located between the brows. It controls our sensitivity and receptiveness of the spiritual realms of the universe.
  6. Visualize the circular patch of white light at your third eye. Now, project your thoughts and wishes on it - things that you want to accomplish and achieve in life, for yourself and for others! Visualize them running like a movie on the circular screen of white light. Watch them happen as if they were happening for real. See yourself healthy, happy, accomplishing, getting rewarded, recovering from ailments, finding peace and love, whatever it might be that you are looking for in life.
  7. Keep watching for at least ten to fifteen minutes. Then cover the entire visual with a layer of the divine light, visualizing the white light spread all over it like white mist. Mentally affirm that your wishes are fulfilled and end you meditation.

There is no specific time to do White Light Meditation. However, avoid doing it right after a meal. If you practice white light meditation for fifteen minutes visualizing the same wishes every day, you are likely to find significant changes in your thoughts, surroundings, events, and resources crucial to the fulfillment of your purpose!

Remember, fifteen minutes a day can shape your life your way!