How This New Yorker Nurtures Women After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Women being treated at You Can Thrive

When Luana DeAngelis beat breast cancer the first time, she realized that surviving wasn’t enough. Instead, Luana was called to share her journey and her skills as a third-generation holistic healer.

“I wanted to pass on the wisdom that was given to me by my grandmother, my mother, and my own journey to the women who came behind me,” Luana said. “I felt like it was impossible for me to go on with my life without giving back.”

In 2005, Luana founded You Can Thrive!, a holistic clinic in New York City to help other women dealing with their own breast cancer diagnoses. You Can Thrive! offers these women a safe space—“the frequency of love and above,” as Luana describes it.

Each woman who comes to You Can Thrive! is given a personalized treatment plan—with services ranging from nutritional counseling to acupuncture—and works with a Thriver Navigator, a trained survivor volunteer who understands a diagnosis and helps women throughout their journey.

You Can Thrive Thriver Navigators

When she began building the business, Luana knew she was creating something different—but she wasn’t afraid. In fact, she believes her experience with breast cancer emboldened her to live without fear. “I had gone through a life-and-death experience,” Luana said. “It didn’t occur to me to be afraid to try to change the world.”

Now, after twelve years in business and two additional diagnoses, Luana looks back and sees that she’s not only built a business that helps the greater New York City community navigate breast cancer diagnoses. She’s also built the business that she needed: “They say to create the business that you need—and the team I built at You Can Thrive! is changing my life.”

As Luana looks toward the future, she wants to share the services that You Can Thrive! offers nationwide—and beyond. Currently, You Can Thrive!’s nutritional counseling and tapping programs are available virtually. Luana’s plan is that linking with hospitals and training more Thriver Navigators across the US and globally to nurture more women after diagnosis when they need it most.

“Women are the future of our communities,” Luana said. “They are the ones teaching, feeding and nurturing. When they are at their most vulnerable time going through this experience, we need to nurture them.” Luana looks forward to seeing that happen, worldwide.

As You Can Thrive! grows, Luana and her team will be able to help more women move forward through their journeys in a space of love and support.

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