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    Real Results

    As a fitness business operating three very different locations, Real Results counts on MINDBODY to keep a consistent brand. Using MINDBODY software has meant the business can grow and cater to different types of clients — while staying true to their mission.

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  • Infographic

    Here’s Why New York Businesses Want to Be on the MINDBODY App

    By listing on the MINDBODY app, businesses in the Tri-State Area can reach an entire network of clients who are looking to book their next workout. Take a look at our infographic and see why it’s worth listing your NYC-based fitness business on the app.


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  • Guide

    How to Sell Gift Cards Like a Pro

    Gift cards can be an important part of your wellness business’s revenue — throughout the year. Digital gift cards and physical cards are growing in popularity and provide your business an opportunity to bundle and upsell, earning additional revenue. Learn how to sell them like a pro in our guide.

    11 pages

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