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How Gift Cards Can Grow Your Business


Gift cards can help your gym, studio, salon or spa earn more revenue by reaching more potential customers through marketing and client engagement.

If you’re already a pro at selling gift cards, experience gift cards help you sell a long-term relationship in one interaction. From prenatal and postnatal massages to wedding packages, the options are endless.


[00:00:00] My name is Julia Rapoch and I work in the international payments team.

[00:00:03] I'm a senior payments account manager and I'm really passionate about payments because it enables our clients to capture more revenue to really streamline their business processes and ultimately help them run their business a little bit more smoothly.

[00:00:17] Gift cards are great for a few different reasons. So first and foremost they are a great gift around the holidays but they can also be given year round. So whether it's a life event like a graduation or a wedding perhaps or a mother to be. Gift cards can really be given any time of the year. Another great thing about gift cards is that they're totally customizable. So if you're running a salon you can offer a blow out gift card perhaps or if you're running a yoga studio maybe it's three classes gift card for a new yogi who's just getting started.

[00:00:50] Another great thing I should say about gift cards is that it's an awesome way to get your existing members or clients to bring in new clients. So it's a really effective and fun marketing tool and an experience gift card is something that I've been reading a lot about probably because I personally have been in the market place for some. And this is a gift card that includes a number of different services are a series of different services all in one gift card. So it's a little bit more personalized than just a dollar amount gift card something that again lots of different businesses can use.

[00:01:21] So, for example, I was looking for one for someone in my family who is welcoming a new baby. And I wanted to get a bundle of massages so two prenatal and two postnatal massages. So that would be a nice sort of mom-to-be experience for her. Another one might be for a bride who is looking for someone to look after her skin before she gets married. So maybe it would be a consultation with an esthetician on staff followed by three different facials and maybe a 30-minute neck or foot massage because what bride doesn't need that in their life food lots of different ways that people can customize these and they can experience based on the kinds of services that they offer. But those were the two that I was shopping for most recently.

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