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How to Balance Being a Mom and Working Hard


Balancing entrepreneurship and motherhood can be tough, but for Jennalee Dahlen, Kelly Wackerman and Cat Scott, it’s an opportunity to show their children how to believe in themselves and achieve their dreams.

Jennalee, owner of Yoso Wellness Spa, in Santa Cruz, California, opened her business shortly after the birth of her first daughter. The journey from the corporate world to owning a small business has meant a lot to her, both as a mom and entrepreneur.

“I wanted to show [my kids] that I could be an entrepreneur and believe in something and work really hard to make it happen, and still be a great mom for them,” Jennalee said.

Jennalee’s drive to balance motherhood and entrepreneurship has worked well for her—she was recently named Santa Cruz’s Entrepreneur of the Year.

For Kelly, owning a business was a giant leap that founded in her desire to help people heal, what she believes is her purpose. “I just feel like it’s so important that everyone finds their purpose,” Kelly said. “I just wish that for my sons and for everyone else.”

Kelly founded the London Method, a barre studio in Long Beach, California. The studio specializes in the barre technique perfected by Lotte Berk, whose daughter, Esther Fairfax, taught the method to Kelly to bring to the United States.

As a single mom, Cat Scott’s business, 502 Power Yoga in Louisville, Kentucky, is how she provides for her daughter. “The growth of the business is what will allow me to pay for [my daughter] to do things, like sign her up for soccer classes,” Cat said. “If the business does X amount of money, then I will be able to provide for her in a way that makes me feel proud and makes her feel appreciated.”

For all three mompreneurs, the business they own is a way to show their children what’s possible with hard work and a dream. While striking a balance may not be easy, for Jennalee, Kelly and Cat, it’s worth it.

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