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Business Plan Template for Health Club Owners

Man running on a treadmill in a health club


Business Plan Template for Health Club Owners

If you're planning to open a health club, crafting a thoughtful and detailed business plan is crucial. Your business plan is the single source for all of your plans and future goals, after all. 

Plus, you'll want to reference your business plan when you make important business decisions—from your health club's location to your marketing strategy to how many employees you hire—both today and in the future.

Download this template to start creating your own health club business plan, including the following sections: 

  • Executive Summary, including your ideal, health-club client, your service offering, and the nearby competition (i.e., other fitness centers in your area)
  • Organization and Management, including your staffing goals, estimated payroll, and how you'll measure staff success (new members, client retention, retail sales, etc.) 
  • Pricing and Retention Strategies, including how much memberships will cost and how you plan to retain clients
  • Marketing and Sales, including your strategy for branding, how you'll develop your website, and who'll monitor your social media platforms
  • Equipment and Retail, including the gym equipment you'll purchase and the retail you'll sell at your fitness center
  • Financial Projections, including startup costs for your club (gym equipment, retail inventory, sound system, licensing, etc.), recurring expenses (facility rent, marketing, payroll, etc.), and whether or not you'll require investors to help with financing your business 
  • Key Performance Indicators and Future Vision, including your breakeven goals and plans for your future (additional locations, a larger facility, etc.) 
Man running on a treadmill in a health club


Business Plan Template for Health Club Owners
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