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Mindbody Research Report

2020 Spa Trends in America

Spa life across America section

Research Report

2020 Spa Trends in America

Spas are an important part of America's wellness routine. In the 2020 Mindbody Wellness Index, we set off to find more about how Americans view spas and spa services.  

Wondering what's next for the spa industry in 2020? We asked more than 20,000 Americans what their favorite spa services are and what spa trends they're most eager to try next.  

Which spa services (i.e., massage, skin care services, beauty services, etc.) are set to trend this year? 

Download the full report to see what spa industry trends you can expect in 2020 and more, including: 

  • Which city in the US loves spa services the most and the city that's least likely to be spotted at the spa 
  • The "capitals" of various spa services, where spa life is booming and the highest percentage of residents frequent the spa for a given service (like advanced skin care, full-body skin treatments, and beauty services like manicures/pedicures and lash extensions)  
  • The top services women and men are incorporating into their routines (Hint: massage makes both lists)  
  • The top spa trends (including beauty trends and wellness trends) Americans are most excited to try in 2020 and which generation wants to try which trends 
  • Where we forecast trends to see a big boost (based on how eager each city is to try services like massages and others) 
  • What's driving growth in the lash trend (and the reason why people get lash extensions might surprise you) 
  • How Americans are looking to travel for wellness experiences (and how tourism and booking wellness go hand-in-hand) 
  • What the top motivator is for booking wellness services when traveling  
  • A glossary with definitions for all the trending spa services and additional stats on demand 
Spa life across America section

Research Report

2020 Spa Trends in America
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