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Top 10 most well-rested cities in front of purple city skyline

Top 10 Most Well-rested Cities in the US

By Katherine Wernet

June 22, 2020

We've already declared 2020 as the year of the nap. While 22% of us say we're sneaking midweek naps in our cars, others are faring a bit better. As part of the 2020 Mindbody Wellness Index, we saw which 10 cities are getting in the best rest and which 10 cities are the most sleep-deprived.

Who's getting those 7-8 hours a night? Here are the top 10 most well-rested cities in America.

1. Miami, FL

The healthiest city in America is also the most well-rested (Has there ever been a better reason to hit that snooze button?). Sixty-two percent of Miami sleeps at least 7-8 hours every night. It might be that full night's rest that makes getting up for work the next day all the better. Miami ranks highest in occupational wellness, too, with 63% of residents saying they enjoy their work or day-to-day activities

2. Washington, DC

DC, like Miami, is on our top 10 healthiest cities in America list. In the nation's capital, 61% of residents say they log 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Adequate rest might have helped DC earn its title of the most weight-healthy city in the US (based on BMI).

3. Seattle, WA

Sleepless in Seattle? Think again. More than half of residents (54%) say they're sleeping at least seven hours each night. All that rest and relaxation helped the city clinch the sixth healthiest city spot.

4. Oakland, CA

Oakland gets its fair share of shuteye and is the fourth most well-rested city. Oakland also makes a point of eating fruits and vegetables and ranks fifth in the country in produce intake.

5. Los Angeles, CA

LA's made slumber time a priority and lands fifth on our list. Los Angeles makes a point of making time for both rest and fun. Seventy-four percent of LA residents say they find time for play and having fun—more than any other city.

6. San Francisco, CA

Fifty-one percent of SF residents get at least seven hours of sleep. That rest is needed, too. A high percentage (the third highest in the country) of San Francisco say they regularly engage in creative and mentally-stimulating activities.

7. Chicago, IL

Like San Francisco, 51% of Chicago gets in its 7-8 hours. The Windy City also ranks within the top ten cities in enjoying work or day-to-day activities and feeling connected to one's community (occupational and social wellness for the win!).

8. Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, the number two healthiest city, is number eight when it comes to sleep. A good night's rest might be one of the factors in Atlanta earning the title of one of the happiest cities in the country (#3).

9. Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis is yet another city that makes both the healthiest city top 10 and the most well-rested, suggesting that sleep is foundational to wellness. Early to bed, early to yoga? Minneapolis has the second-highest percentage of yoga fans.

10. San Diego, CA

Fifty percent of San Diego gets in seven hours of sleep or more. San Diego also gets high marks in social wellness. A high proportion of residents say they have close relationships with friends and family—the ninth highest in the country.

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About the author:

Katherine Wernet

Katherine Wernet

Senior Campaign Program Manager


Katherine leads the salon and spa marketing strategy at Mindbody and is part of the team behind the Mindbody Wellness Index. While she started her career in film and television, a passion for small businesses won out and led her to Mindbody. She earned her MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

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