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Top 10 Healthiest Cities in America in 2020

By Mindbody

July 31, 2023

EDITOR'S NOTE: Check out our most recent list of the top 10 healthiest cities in the US

The Mindbody Wellness Index ranks the health of the 50 top US cities (by population). How does the index rank them? A number of factors contribute to a city’s score, including how much locals prioritize wellness and ultimately invest in it (including fitness, beauty/grooming, and integrative health services), their healthy habits (across multiple dimensions of wellness), and the success of wellness businesses within the city. These factors help us to get a complete understanding of what wellness looks like in each city and rank healthiness accordingly. 

See which cities made the top 10.

Miami skyline

1. Miami, FL

Miami is the healthiest city in America. The Florida city is wild about group fitness. A whopping 52% of locals attend group fitness classes at least once a week—more than any other top city! All that working out necessitates recovery. Miami residents get the most sleep; 62% report getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night. The city's even more spiritually fulfilled than other US city. Miami residents are making wellness a priority. In fact, Miami prioritizes self-care through beauty and grooming services more than any other city in the index. There is also a high concentration of wellness businesses that promote the city's health, and these businesses enjoy high revenues.  

Explore fitness in Miami.

Atlanta skyline

2. Atlanta, GA

Atlanta comes in as the second healthiest city in America. What helped Atlanta soar to the top two? Atlanta has the highest percentage of residents who frequent wellness businesses. Such healthy habits from ATLiens have helped wellness businesses in the city generate the highest revenue per capita of any top city. Atlanta is particularly investing in beauty and grooming; the city has the fifth-highest average monthly spend at $51/month. Atlanta also earns high marks in social wellness. Seventy-three percent of residents report having close relationships with friends and family (the national average is only 69%). 

Explore fitness in Atlanta.

San Francisco skyline

3. San Francisco, CA

Healthy habits across many dimensions have helped San Francisco clinch the position of the third healthiest city in the US. SF eats more fruits and veggies, on average, than any other top city (with the exception of LA). San Francisco has the highest percentage of residents who visit multiple wellness businesses of any of the top US cities. It's no wonder SF residents are all in on wellness; San Francisco has the highest density of wellness businesses in the country. There are an impressive 16.2 wellness businesses per square mile. In addition to support from local businesses, the City by the Bay earns the distinction of having the lowest percentage of cigarette smokers. A favorite workout for the city? Dance fitness—over 27% of residents go to classes like POUND® or Zumba® regularly. 

Explore fitness in San Francisco.

Denver skyline

4. Denver, CO

Denver is home to some of the most dedicated fitness fans in the country. Over 80% of residents work out at least once a week. And those sweat sessions are paying off; 40% say they’re satisfied or very satisfied with their fitness level (compared to the national average of only 31%). Denver residents especially love yoga and weight/strength training, and the top reason Denver works out is to feel good. Forty-seven percent of Denver residents say they’re satisfied with their overall health, and 48% have a normal body mass index (BMI) based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) healthy ranges

Explore fitness in Denver. 

Austin skyline

5. Austin, TX

Austin loves group fitness—and yoga in particular. Austin knows how to rest and refresh, too. Half of residents report getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night, and more than half report drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily. Austin is about more than just physical wellness, though. Residents boost their intellectual wellness more than the average American city—57% of Austin residents regularly engage in creative and mentally stimulating activities.  

Explore fitness in Austin.

Seattle skyline

6. Seattle, WA

Seattle lands in sixth place. Residents of this Pacific Northwest city are among the top spenders when it comes to fitness and integrative health. Forty-six percent of residents are satisfied with their overall health. Maybe that’s because nearly 80% of Seattle works out at least once a week. Group fitness in Seattle is big, too. How does Seattle get its sweat on? Yoga and weight/strength training are two faves. Seattle makes a point of getting regular check-ups; 60% of residents say they do so (the national average is only 52%), and few residents smoke cigarettes. Another healthy habit that helps Seattle land in the top ten is getting adequate rest. The city makes it into the top three most well-rested cities. Not so sleepless in Seattle, after all! 

Explore fitness in Seattle.

Capitol building and Washington DC lettering

7. Washington, DC

The nation's capital is the most weight-healthy city in the country (based on BMI). How does DC do it? Washingtonians are frequent exercisers—81% exercise at least once a week. Those in the beltway are also big on black belts; DC has the second-highest percentage of martial arts enthusiasts in the country, with 16% of residents saying that they take martial arts classes at least weekly. DC’s not afraid to spend on beauty/grooming. Washington, DC, is the number one spender in this category. On average, DC residents allocate $63/month to these services—far more than the national average of $41. Washington spares no expense when it comes to fitness and integrative health, either. The city’s the number two spender in these categories, coming in just under Los Angeles in both. With a spot in the top ten healthiest cities, DC’s investment seems to be paying off. 

Explore fitness in Washington, DC.

Tampa skyline

8. Tampa, FL

What brings Tampa to the top 10? More than half of Tampa residents book integrative health or wellness appointments at least once a year. Tampa also knows how important drinking water is; sixty percent of residents drink at least 6-8 glasses daily. Seventy-five percent of Tampa residents work out at least once a week. The top fitness classes in Tampa? Weight/strength training and yoga classes. 

Explore fitness in Tampa.

Minneapolis skyline

9. Minneapolis, MN

More than three-quarters of this Midwestern city work out at least once a week. Where can you find Minneapolis? On the mat. Thirty percent of residents who choose group fitness on a weekly basis opt for yoga class—the second-highest percentage of yoga fans in a city per capita in the top 50 US cities. Minneapolis residents’ top motivator for working out is to feel better mentally. 

Explore fitness in Minneapolis.

Raleigh skyline

10. Raleigh, NC

This North Carolina city rounds out the top ten. Raleigh, like San Francisco and Seattle, has very few smokers. Seventy-six percent exercise at least once a week. How does the city work out? Raleigh is the HIIT capital of the US, with more HIIT enthusiasts per capita than any other top city. It’s not just about one dimension of wellness for Raleigh, though. Residents also make self-care a part of their routines; 58% get beauty and grooming services four times a year or more. 

Explore fitness in Raleigh.

Full MINDBODY Wellness Index rankings:

1.     Miami, FL

2.     Atlanta, GA

3.     San Francisco, CA

4.     Denver, CO

5.     Austin, TX

6.     Seattle, WA

7.     Washington, DC

8.     Tampa, FL

9.     Minneapolis, MN

10.  Raleigh, NC

11.  Boston, MA

12.  Charlotte, NC

13.  Kansas City, MO

14.  Oakland, CA

15.  Omaha, NE

16.  Sacramento, CA

17.  Arlington, TX

18.  San Diego, CA

19.  New Orleans, LA

20.  Columbus, OH

21.  Portland, OR

22.  El Paso, TX

23.  Chicago, IL

24.  Colorado Springs, CO

25.  Baltimore, MD

26.  Nashville, TN

27.  Los Angeles, CA

28.  Long Beach, CA

29.  Tucson, AZ

30.  Virginia Beach, VA

31.  Dallas, TX

32.  Tulsa, OK

33.  Louisville, KY

34.  Las Vegas, NV

35.  Albuquerque, NM

36.  Fort Worth, TX

37.  Fresno, CA

38.  Houston, TX

39.  Milwaukee, WI

40.  New York, NY

41.  Phoenix, AZ

42.  Memphis, TN

43.  Jacksonville, FL

44.  San Jose, CA

45.  Indianapolis, IN

46.  San Antonio, TX

47.  Philadelphia, PA

48.  Mesa, AZ

49.  Detroit, MI

50.  Oklahoma City, OK

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