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SpeedFit x Mindbody: Revolutionizing Fitness with EMS Technology

SpeedFit x Mindbody

SpeedFit, a leading fitness brand co-founded by CEO Matej Varhalik, has quickly gained recognition for its innovative approach to exercise using EMS (electro muscle stimulation) technology. With a vision to make fitness accessible and time-efficient, SpeedFit has grown steadily, catering to the modern lifestyle demands of people seeking effective workouts with minimal time investment. Partnering with Mindbody, SpeedFit has streamlined its operations and expanded its customer base, keeping focus on its core expertise while Mindbody manages the rest.

EMS technology caught Varhalik’s attention when he used it for recovery from a back issue. Matej found EMS training to be the perfect solution because it allows busy people like him to achieve a comprehensive workout in just 20 minutes. Today, SpeedFit offers solutions to all the problems Matej ran into when he struggled to find a fitness solution that fit his life, with convenient locations, short time commitments, and even a place for clients’ children to play during their sessions.  

Since its inception, SpeedFit has grown significantly, including a memorable appearance on Shark Tank. SpeedFit's unique selling point lies in its ability to combine cutting-edge EMS technology with personalized coaching and guidance. By understanding the potential of EMS as a fitness method that complements traditional workouts, SpeedFit has positioned itself as a leader in this new frontier.

Streamlining operations and enabling growth with Mindbody

One pivotal decision contributing to SpeedFit's success is their partnership with Mindbody. The company recognized the need for a technology solution to streamline their operations and chose Mindbody due to its market leadership. The decision paid off, as Mindbody provided essential support throughout their continuing ten-year partnership.

Mindbody's robust platform and continuous investment in technology allow SpeedFit to focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience and stay at the forefront of operational efficiency. Matej highlights how Mindbody’s ongoing support has helped SpeedFit concentrate on their core competencies while our software takes care of the backend processes.

SpeedFit’s growth trajectory has been marked by steady expansion and the establishment of a strong operational foundation. With 31 locations in Australia, SpeedFit is now setting its sights on international markets, with New Zealand as the next logical step.

A strategic approach to expansion, growth, and lead generation

Matej emphasizes the importance of strategic expansion, ensuring that systems and processes are in place to support new locations seamlessly. While opening in New Zealand is their next priority, SpeedFit has long-term plans for development into Asia and the United States. Matej's dedication to meticulous and strategic planning will guide SpeedFit's entry into these markets, ensuring sustained success.

Looking ahead, SpeedFit aims to capitalize on its partnership with Mindbody to achieve its growth goals. Already, the company utilizes Mindbody’s suite of tools to help bring new clients in the door, fueling their plans for expansion. SpeedFit benefits from the leads generated by the Mindbody ecosystem, and more specifically the Mindbody app, which connects potential customers with fitness businesses like SpeedFit.

On average, Mindbody-powered enterprise brands similar in size to SpeedFit see 39% of new customers who find them in the Mindbody app convert to a membership. With conversion rates like these, the Mindbody app plays an essential role in attracting new customers and building a loyal customer base at companies like SpeedFit.

SpeedFit’s vision ahead: innovative offerings and continued growth with Mindbody

As the industry evolves, SpeedFit is exploring the integration of advanced EMS technology that would allow users to remotely engage in virtual workouts with instructors. This innovation opens possibilities for partnerships with co-working spaces and businesses with in-house gyms, broadening reach and making EMS workouts even more accessible.

SpeedFit's remarkable journey, led by Matej, showcases the power of innovative fitness solutions and strategic partnerships. By revolutionizing exercise through EMS technology and leveraging the support of Mindbody, SpeedFit continues to empower individuals to achieve their fitness goals efficiently. With a commitment to excellence and a vision for future growth, SpeedFit is poised to make a lasting impact in the fitness industry, both within Australia and internationally.

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