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Mindbody Customer Story

SOLDIERFIT Enhances the In-Studio Customer Experience with Mindbody

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A SOLDIERFIT “fort” feels different than most studios you may have stepped foot in. You’ll immediately notice the close-knit relationships and general camaraderie. You might even hear members being referred to as “troops” as you see them lining up for a group workout led by “black hats”—a nod to their military roots. The studio itself is a result of their founder’s passion for giving back and supporting the veteran community.

Part of their mission is to honor and draw awareness to fallen soldiers who have left a legacy in the communities they serve, keeping the sentiment close to home. SOLDIERFIT also donates a portion of each membership to a veteran nonprofit, and they’re devoted to being a beacon of hope for former service members transitioning back into society. They’re breaking boundaries and creating a unique environment that promotes solidarity, which is as important as the workouts themselves. As a brand, SOLDIERFIT has a mission to broaden their impact on both client and community, which is why a partner like Mindbody is essential.

Mindbody provides them with tools for booking clients, tracking schedules, and simplifying the entire member experience. But it’s about more than the workouts—SOLDIERFIT trusts Mindbody to help keep clients engaged with their community and supporting veterans through the SOLDIERFIT purpose.

Building a bond

SOLDIERFIT takes a unique approach to fitness by emphasizing teamwork, developing camaraderie, and promoting a sense of family. “The last thing we talk to a new member about is the actual workout,” said their CEO and Founder, Danny Farrar. Instead, members become entrenched in the SOLDIERFIT culture right away. For their organization, it’s imperative that members feel safe and free from judgment, and they’ve built an environment where this is the norm.

In addition, members quickly become acquainted with trainers and peers through “boot camp” workouts. These relationships foster an atmosphere of inclusion and accountability that leads to better long-term client retention. In their “squads,” members get to know one another and feel comfortable beside their “battle buddies,” regardless of what stage they’re at in their fitness journey.  Members continue to return because of the motivation and inspiration they get from their peers and instructors. Many of them even become trainers themselves, simply because they’re so enamored by the mission. There’s a sense of empathy between member and trainer that allows for a deeper connection. It instills the feeling that not only can you get in shape, but you can be a leader. There’s power in the sense of confidence the SOLDIERFIT culture instills.

Making an impact beyond studio walls

When you work out at SOLDIERFIT, there’s as much focus on cooperation as there is on competition. This emphasis on lifting others up and de-emphasis on individual accolades make an impact outside of the studio, as well.

They’ve bridged a gap between veteran and civilian, forming a partnership with Goodwill that’s raised $1 million to build a veterans community center—providing hospice care, access to service dogs, and psychological counseling.

Empowering the experience

SOLDIERFIT’s dedication to their mission and community extends beyond the world of fitness—and they need software that can keep up.

They turned to Mindbody's Marketing Suite, which gives them the tools to personalize emails and campaigns “Whether it's getting new members or keeping clients engaged, Mindbody checks all the boxes,” said David Posin, President/Co-founder. 

The ability to put the SOLDIERFIT brand in the palm of clients’ hands with Mindbody’s branded mobile app has also been essential. It creates a seamless way for members to not just book classes, but also stay engaged with and connected to everything SOLDIERFIT offers. They also use Mindbody's in-studio fitness tracking software, so members can gauge where they are on their individual fitness journey—and see how they stack up in friendly competition.

On the back end, insightful reporting helps SOLDIERFIT keep track of their KPIs and make informed decisions. Support from the Mindbody help center and onboarding streamlined their switch from a different software, and the SOLDIERFIT team finds Mindbody to be extremely user-friendly—so they can maintain their attention on day-to-day operations as they expand to new locations.

SOLDIERFIT has transcended fitness norms and serves as an inspiring reminder that compassion, community, and commitment are key elements to achieving overall wellness. The brand draws in a diverse group of wellness seekers who support and care for one another as they work to become the best versions of themselves. This distinct approach to fitness challenges common perceptions of what we can gain from a workout—and builds an authentic connection to community.

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