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Mindbody Customer Story

MVP Dance Fit

Rachel Vickhouse of MVP Dance Fit

When Rachel Vickhouse first heard about Mindbody, she had just opened MVP Dance Fit in Kettering, Ohio. At the time, she couldn’t afford the software and resorted to paper to manage her business. When that became too difficult, Rachel made the leap to try Mindbody.

How Mindbody Helped MVP Dance Fit

After she made the switch from pen and paper to Mindbody's fitness software, life as a fitness studio owner became easier and Rachel noticed a change in how she approached her business, and how it performed.

A year later, Rachel decided to attend the 2016 BOLD Conference to learn more about the software and to meet and network with other fitness professionals from around the world. While at the conference, Rachel and her team wore matching, branded outfits that caught the eye of other attendees, leading them to trademark their SWERK class—or Sweat, Work, Twerk—in their hotel room and launch it into a brand of its own.

MVP Dance Fit at BOLD

But the business’s growth didn’t stop with branding its class style and training instructors how to teach it: MVP Dance Fit expanded into a second location in 2017 in nearby Xenia, Ohio, after the studio in Kettering was filled to capacity.

And Mindbody makes managing two locations easier, especially with features like a customer-facing mobile app and mobile business management apps.

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