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Mindbody Customer Story

Mindbody x REGYMEN—Smashing the Status Quo

Regymen x Mindbody

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. REGYMEN realized it's also the root cause of gym burnout. They applied the science and psychology of motivation to create a gym environment that inspires their members to come back and see what’s new. With over 90 different workouts, theatric lighting, and highly engaged coaches, they rely on Mindbody’s enterprise tools to keep the bar high across all their locations.

Sustained by embracing change

REGYMEN crafted a high-energy experience that's incredibly engaging, but they know that raising the bar only increases the need to keep the pivots coming. Harnessing the power of change across all areas of their business—brand, franchises, and members—they created vibrant communities of people connected through a passion for fitness, a drive to meet their goals, and a constant desire to shake it up with something new.

So who’s the ideal REGYMEN member? Someone who is tired of the status quo. Someone who is drawn to the challenge of “doing something hard together.” Someone who wants to change their life.

That’s why it’s no surprise that many of their franchise owners are former members, drawn to bringing that boisterous energy to their communities, ready to go all in. And Mindbody helps REGYMEN manage those locations much more efficiently.

Driven by relentless innovation

And that’s why Mindbody is such a perfect partner for REGYMEN’s big plans. Without the right tools and support, plans are just dreams. REGYMEN and Mindbody both pride themselves on data-driven innovation and partnerships designed to achieve more together than anyone knew was possible.

For REGYMEN, this means gathering more (and better) tools in one place. The more they can do with Mindbody, the less time they spend dealing with third-party solutions. From integrating their outreach with Marketing Suite to seamlessly answering after-hours calls with Messenger[ai], running their busy brand gets easier.

They also know their feedback is instrumental in the development of new features and enhancements—all designed to free up time to further grow their brand.

REGYMEN’s leadership team really values the relationship with their Mindbody strategic accounts team:

Hours put into projects that advance the business are always better than time spent on back-of-house admin tasks. Tatum Crews oversees franchise growth, and is particularly keen on the Franchise Fee Tool:

And it doesn’t stop there. As REGYMEN expands their adoption of all Mindbody has to offer, they’re maximizing the potential of the relationship. REGYMEN appreciates the growth Mindbody has shown since 2017, and the level of attention given to strategic accounts.

As REGYMEN continues to expand, adapt, and refine their presence, Mindbody will continue to help them consolidate their brand management and improve their efficiency. And continue to listen. Always listen, because this technology isn’t built for our customers, but because of them.

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