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Mindbody Customer Story

Mindbody x Modern Acupuncture: Maximizing Growth with Mindbody’s Support

Modern Acupuncture x Mindbody

After learning about the phenomenal results acupuncture had to offer those looking for a better quality of life, Matt Hale started investigating. Early on in his research into the practice of acupuncture, he identified it as one of the quickest growing forms of medicine in the world—naturally, there was still so much education needed to make acupuncture accessible. That’s how Modern Acupuncture was born. Now, Hale is co-founder and CEO of Modern Acupuncture and leads the brand on a mission to better the lives of others by making acupuncture accessible to all.

He launched his business in September 2016 in Scottsdale, AZ with the goal of opening a franchise that made the practice affordable, approachable, and mainstream. Today, Modern Acupuncture is a leading wellness brand with nearly 40 locations that have introduced the practice to over 126,000 people and treated over 905,000 patients.

During that time, Hale discovered that when it comes to managing a franchise, it’s important to identify customer needs, buying habits, and industry trends while making the benefits of acupuncture known and understandable. Modern Acupuncture has partnered with Mindbody to help accomplish this from the beginning. “We only had one clinic open, but Mindbody immediately understood the opportunity to rapidly grow we had in front of us. It’s great to have that kind of support from day one,” says Hale.

With Mindbody providing a solid foundation, he saw a huge opportunity to grow in the market. The next step was to make acupuncture more approachable, which starts with educating the community on the benefits of the practice. But to do that, Hale needed to understand how people view acupuncture. Having easy access to this information allows Hale to curate an informed community education plan focused on driving patient growth and hitting important milestones.

Utilizing data to make strategic choices

When making choices for multiple franchisees, you never want to skip over the data. In Hale’s case, he keeps a close eye on the number of new people we introduce to our delivery of acupuncture and how many of them commit to continued care. Understanding these consumer behaviors has been crucial for Modern Acupuncture and is the main component of growing its brand. With Mindbody's reporting, Hale saw that Modern Acupuncture's utilization continued to grow year over year.

More than that, he’s been able to use this data to develop a stronger retention strategy. In the last two years alone, the average customer lifetime has increased by 33%. “If we can drive utilization and we can see results, they’re going to stay with us longer and tell more people about it. Mindbody allows us to see those results,” says Hale.

Modern Acupuncture also looks through other Mindbody reports to continue that growth. This includes clinic-level KPIs franchisees can use to help modify behaviors at the clinic level to make the patient experience a better one. From there, they decide on new methods of wellness to bring in and test in their clinics, like IV therapy and vitamin shots. Mindbody gives them the platform to determine which new methods to provide, create a plan to do it, and gives a feedback loop so they can learn and continue to fine-tune their service menu.

Leveraging Mindbody Card Updater to maximize revenue

Modern Acupuncture has tested a handful of different Mindbody tools in their clinics—including Card Updater. They’ve relied on this tool since its release—and now every single location uses it. With this tool, they’re able to easily and quickly update important payment information so a customer never misses an appointment, and a location never misses out on revenue.

What’s in store for the future of Modern Acupuncture? Hale is set on picking up from where they were pre-pandemic and striving to grow and reach more people with their powerful mission and with the help of Mindbody. That means continuing to master current services and rolling out relevant wellness products—and giving people the personalized, natural care that they need now more than ever.

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