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Mindbody x Jabz Boxing: Breathing Life Into Boxing With Mindbody

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Since its founding in 2012, Jabz Boxing Studio has been through a lot of innovation. They’ve completely modernized the look and feel of their brand, and the former female-only boxing studio has shifted gears to become a space where anyone is welcome—regardless of their gender identity.

Jabz Boxing invites everyone to “come as you are, leave stronger.” They’ve created a community of wellness seekers who are drawn to a workout that emphasizes approachability, inclusion, and personal growth—guided by a leadership team primarily made up of women. As their popularity grows, so has their number of franchise locations. They’ve opened three new studios in 2021, and they’re projected to open ten additional locations nationwide by the end of 2022.

The Jabz Boxing studio experience is tailored to their clients' needs. They welcome wellness seekers from all walks of life and ensure that everyone feels comfortable—especially beginners. Their station-based model lets members work on new techniques and exercises at their own pace. With 20 stations in the circuit and 45 seconds spent at each station, participants get a feel for different boxing styles, and a chance to discover their inner fighter. A Jabz Boxing routine is designed to ensure you get the right workout for you—no matter what your fitness level is.

Connecting to consumers

Mindbody helps Jabz Boxing keep their clients engaged and involved with every aspect of that experience. From booking classes to membership passes, their partnership with Mindbody helps them meet clients where they’re at.

Jabz Boxing clients usually connect with the business through the Jabz Boxing branded mobile app, and this is where 74% of their bookings take place. Members can find instructor reviews and easily book or cancel their next class in a pinch. Jabz Boxing uses flash sales to grab their members' attention, and push notifications to promote sales to app users. The studio’s clients appreciate the flexibility and convenience of connecting through their phones, and they have seen a steady month-over-month rise in consumer bookings on their app.

Internally, Jabz Boxing values having software that helps them drive client engagement and retention, and automated communication tools are another key to their success. They’re taking client engagement to another level, with 44% of users clicking through email links, 13% visiting their website after viewing the email, and on average their studios see 10% rescued clients won back after 21 days because of these touchpoints.

A powerful partnership

What’s the best part about having Mindbody as a partner? Easy access to key metrics and performance data that drives their future decision making. Mindbody’s comprehensive reporting features give the team the tools they need to see their business from a new perspective and learn from key metrics and performance across all their locations. The first visit report is an important tool for tracking new clients at their studios, alongside client health and big spender reports that they use to target customer appreciation outreach. “The reporting features are in-depth, detailed, and intuitive,” said Vice President of Franchise Services Erin Seaboyer.

As the brand continues to grow and expand to new locations, new staff members quickly become software gurus. With Mindbody’s onboarding coaching and tools, Jabz Boxing employees are well-equipped to provide memorable experiences from opening day forward and continue providing service that furthers the evolution of their brand. Mindbody guides the training process, so Jabz can focus on curating their client experience—an impactful one-two punch.

Over the years, Jabz Boxing has shown how valuable effective member communication, insightful reporting tools, and a genuine commitment to core values can be in developing a successful and durable brand. Their team is on a quest to transform the boxing world and create a space for its community to grow stronger together, and we’re honored to help bring this inspiring mission to life.

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