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Mindbody Customer Story

EXOS and Mindbody: A Partnership Grounded by Performance

EXOS x Mindbody

For over two decades, EXOS has helped people from all walks of life achieve a higher level of performance. Grounded in its four pillars—mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery—the brand has pioneered a holistic approach to wellness.

"Human performance is for humans. It doesn't matter who you are—you can be an elite athlete, you can be a stay-at-home mom, you can be anyone really,” says Operations Manager & Safety Coordinator Ben Sorcic.

How does EXOS serve such a broad customer base? Through wellness services, fitness facilities, and technology—and most importantly, a commitment to tailored experiences that yield results. Leveraging research and client feedback, EXOS evolves and shapes custom programming for every organization, team, and client. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

Managing a hybrid model with technology

When looking for a strategic partner, EXOS wanted an approach similar to its own—one that’s customized and iterative. This is why the Mindbody partnership works perfectly.

“Mindbody continually strives to provide innovative solutions and improve based on real-world feedback,” says Sorcic.

Since 2014, the partnership has only expanded—even during a pandemic. When EXOS needed solutions to create a better experience for both virtual and hybrid members, Mindbody delivered.

“The platform has really evolved over the past 18 months during this pandemic period and has helped EXOS deliver more virtual-based services to our clients while maintaining a seamless experience for that hybrid type of member,” says Sorcic.

"With the scheduling capabilities of Mindbody, we very easily built out schedules and allowed our staff to control time slots for in-facility. We had capacity management and time to do the cleaning that we needed—while also delivering virtual services. That way, people felt safe coming into the facility because they knew it wasn't going to be maxed out.”

Using data-driven insights to lead the way forward

EXOS uses more than just scheduling to streamline its operations. Sorcic emphasizes that Mindbody’s payment and reporting features are also integral to the brand’s success.

“The software allows for a reliable method of tracking member attendance and offers access to detailed, accurate reporting. Those additional layers of reporting help ensure that we're providing data-driven insights to our clients pertaining to program decisions, and current and future budgetary investment.” 

And while EXOS may not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to wellness, its team certainly believes in an all-in-one software.

“With Mindbody, we’re moving away from our in-house member management software and transitioning the bulk of our clientele over and using that as our singular software solution for all clients going forward,” says Sorcic. “Mindbody is committed to the success of EXOS.”

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