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Burn Boot Camp: From Parking Lot Workouts to Nationwide Multi-location Franchise Growth with Mindbody

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Burn Boot Camp’s mission is to ignite global health transformation through empowering women. They seek to build confidence, happiness, and disciplines that transcend fitness into a community of mentally, emotionally, and physically strong women and families. VP of Franchise Operations Amber Burke shared Burn Boot Camp’s origins, the keys to their growth since founding in 2012, and the importance of their partnership with Mindbody.

The dynamic duo behind Burn Boot Camp 

Burn Boot Camp was founded by Devan Kline, a former minor league baseball player whose passion for fitness led him to start a bootcamp class. Together with his wife Morgan Kline, who brought her corporate background and business acumen to the table, they embarked on a journey to create something extraordinary. Devan's fitness knowledge and Morgan's understanding of business processes and operations made them a dynamic duo.

Starting with classes in the parking lot of a gymnastics studio, Burn Boot Camp quickly gained popularity and opened its first studio location. The company's unique bounce floor, designed to reduce impact on the body and enhance athletic movements, became a key differentiator for their studios. As members started expressing interest in opening their own Burn Boot Camps, the company expanded into franchising, which has led to its current success. Notably, 50% of all franchises are owned by former members, showcasing the deep connection and loyalty fostered within the Burn Boot Camp community. 

The Burn Boot Camp culture 

What sets Burn Boot Camp apart from other fitness companies is its tight-knit culture centered around community. The company's core values of authenticity, people first, pride in results, and integrity are at the heart of everything they do. Burn Boot Camp believes in celebrating members' accomplishments in their moment of strength and through challenges, fostering a sense of camaraderie and growth. 

Whether it's high fives, social media recognition, or “focus meetings” with trainers, Burn Boot Camp ensures that its members feel celebrated and supported throughout their fitness journey. This mindset has not only helped Burn Boot Camp make a lasting brand impression but has also sustained the company's explosive growth over the years. 

Mindbody and Burn Boot Camp partner to fuel growth 

Burn Boot Camp's partnership with Mindbody plays a crucial role in their growth and success. When Burn Boot Camp began, it was Mindbody's long-standing industry leadership and robust platform that made it the obvious choice.  

Year after year, Mindbody's templated sites for franchises have been instrumental in helping Burn Boot Camp streamline operations, open new locations, and support their franchisees. The weekly calls with Mindbody account managers enable proactive collaboration and real-time problem-solving, ensuring Burn Boot Camp and its franchisees have access to the resources they need. 

This ongoing communication and dedicated support from Mindbody help give Amber the confidence she needs to keep growing. 

Burn Boot Camp chooses Mindbody as a technology partner because of their continued responsiveness to Burn Boot Camp's needs as an organization. Mindbody's robust platform, support at the Burn Boot Camp’s annual conference, and dedicated strategic account management team have been instrumental in helping the company grow and thrive in a competitive industry. Burke emphasized her appreciation of Mindbody’s commitment to supporting Burn Boot Camp’s success, helping them ignite global health transformation and build thriving fitness communities. 

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