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Adapt Uses Mindbody to Empower Members in Overcoming the Challenges of Disability

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It’s a truth we all now know too well in a post-COVID world: Like it or not, our health is never promised. It’s precious, and that’s precisely because it’s impermanent. And when the worst happens, we have no choice but to rethink our lives and confront new challenges.

That’s exactly why Adapt Functional Movement Center exists. A nonprofit organization specializing in spinal cord injury recovery and rehabilitation, the center guides members through challenges they never expected to face in life. They work to restore mobility, dignity, and quality of life.

Sheryl Diaz, director of member services at Adapt, says that’s what wellness is all about: “Wellness to me is a state of being, almost a state of happiness. And we really strive towards that here. We are serving a very vulnerable clientele, and we just want everyone to reach that state.”

Adapt has brought that mission to life since they opened in 2017, and they chose Mindbody as their business partner right from the start. “[Mindbody has] been extremely supportive from the get-go,” Sheryl says. “[Mindbody] helped us set up our platform, and they've really been a great asset to our business growth.”

Also central to their growth? The community they’ve built along the way. From the beginning, Sheryl says, “We wanted everyone to feel very comfortable and safe. We just want [Adapt] to a be a place where you can feel at home—but also a place where you are going to work for your goals.”

Adapting to a new form of community

So much of the work of rebuilding wellness at Adapt comes down to human connection. “The one-on-one relationship that I have with each and every one of our members is really important,” Sheryl says, “not just for their experience, but also for us.” It’s simple, it’s universal—and since the pandemic, we’ve all had to find new ways to maintain it.

That’s when Mindbody’s Virtual Wellness Platform  gave them the path they needed. “Since we work with members who are immunocompromised, safety is our first priority. So we did have to up our game and offer virtual classes, since most of our members could not come in-house,” Sheryl says. “Mindbody has made it very easy for scheduling—and has actually helped increase our participation in those classes.”

In person, online, or both, Mindbody makes scheduling seamless for every member, from the moment it’s booked to the moment they attend.

Communication is everything

There’s no such thing as being too thoughtful when it comes to customer service. That’s the philosophy behind the automated messages in Mindbody’s Marketing Suite that confirm bookings and remind members of upcoming sessions. For Sheryl, they help give members an overall feeling of being taken care of: “We really do need a seamless communication thread to our members, and Mindbody does just that,” she says.

Beyond automating the moments that matter, Mindbody handles pricing, billing, and other administrative needs, too. In a way, Sheryl says, those features also give her room to improve communication with her members: “Mindbody is just a full-spectrum platform. Since Mindbody saves us so much time, we’re really able to focus on the services we offer—the physical, the mental, and the community aspects of our therapy.”

Bringing business owners closer to their members is what Mindbody is all about. And Sheryl says she's a fan of communication with us, too. She adds, “Any time we need any help with scheduling, pricing options, etc., [Mindbody is] always available, and they even have a really user-friendly Help Center that we’re able to use.”

Always moving forward

Change and growth are universal—in life, and in business. Sometimes we embrace them because we want to, and sometimes because we have to. Adapt Functional Movement Center reminds us all that either way, there is always a path to keep going. Mindbody is so honored to be a part of the work they do.

Whatever challenges your business may face, Mindbody software can meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.

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