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Why You Should Have a FAQs Page

By Katie Santos

The phone rings and it’s someone asking the same question you answered three times yesterday. You know your time could be spent welcoming the new client in front of you rather than telling your caller they must wear shoes in TRX or they should arrive 10 minutes early to their appointment. 

So why should have you have a FAQ page? It will do the work for you, position you as an expert, smooth the customer’s journey to your business, and show who you are and what you stand for.

Your FAQs page lets your client walk into your business feeling that they already know you. They will know what to wear, how to check in and who they are going to have their service with. Let’s face it, it’s intimidating for a customer to walk into a new Pilates studio or waxing spa if they don’t know the drill.

Put yourself in the position of a new customer wanting to learn about your business.

  • You don’t know or trust that business, at least not yet.
  • You may remember you want to find out about a business in the middle of the night.
  • If you are like most people, you are too shy or lazy to call!

Once you have edited your prospective questions, begin to put them in order of importance, the most frequently asked first. If you end up with lots of questions, you can group them into logical categories for instance:

  • Class-appointment questions, policies, what to bring
  • Payment information
  • Studio guidelines
  • Shipping & returns

Set to work answering the questions you decide to include as succinctly as possible using a voice that mimics your brand. Educate your customers about your services, the more confident they feel in you, the more likely they are to purchase right then and there.

Be mindful that your FAQ page doesn't take forever to scroll down, it doesn’t really need to be a page. Sprinkle the FAQs around your site by providing links to areas that give answers. "What are your teacher’s credentials?" can link to a paragraph on your staff page that details their education. You can also fit in some of your keywords that Google loves. A good FAQ will raise your search rankings!

Keep in mind your FAQs are a living document. It should be reviewed at least once per year when you review your outgoing voicemail message, your email signatures, and your Google listing. You do all that, right?

Have you optimized the SEO on your FAQ page?

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About the author:

Katie Santos

Mindbody Certified Business Consultant

Through 35 years of work in the fitness industry, Mindbody Consultant Katie Santos has gained valuable insights into business management and developed a special love for coaching clients. During her career, she’s obtained numerous Pilates, yoga, cycling and personal training instruction certifications, and brings a wealth of experience to her role as a fitness business consultant. As an Evernote Certified Consultant, Katie specializes in business planning, forecasting, sales, digital marketing, HR and organization. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise and playing an important role in driving the business success of her clients.

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