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Why Poynt is the Smart Choice for Your Business

By Mario Ruiz

Point of sale is often underestimated. It's an experience that should work flawlessly and, if done right, can even lead to better customer satisfaction and more sales. However, if done wrong, it can be a point of friction for your customers and may even lose sales.

Speed, convenience and reliability are key to any point-of-sale system. That’s why MINBDBODY recently updated the checkout experience on mobile and desktop. But as we looked closer at the point of sale experience, we saw an opportunity to improve the hardware experience, too. It seemed that front desks were becoming an overwhelming space for managers and staff—getting cluttered with a cash register, a receipt printer, barcode scanner, screen, keyboard, and mouse.  

After trying out dozens of hardware solutions we landed on the Poynt Smart Terminal to deliver a cohesive, streamlined experience catered to the MINDBODY customer. While there are numerous reasons why we believe that Poynt will help you streamline your payment experience, we’ve listed a few of our favorites below. 

  • It looks sleek. The front desk is the first and last impression a customer has with your business. One of our criteria for a new point-of sale-device was it had to look good—which is harder to find than it should be. We were easily drawn to the sleek, next-generation look of Poynt. Its eye-catching appearance with business and customer-facing screens fits in well at any front desk.
  • It accepts EMV. EMV (chip card) adoption in the US is picking up steam and Poynt is ready for chip cards to dip right in. The device meets the highest PCI-compliance standards, giving you the most secure transactions possible.
  • It still accepts swiped transactions. For customers who haven't upgraded to a chip card, you can still accept traditional cards with a magnetic strip.
  • It accepts mobile payments. Keep up with the future of payments with Apple Pay or Samsung Pay transactions. It comes equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology so your customers don't have to bring a card or wallet to your studio to pay. 
  • It has a barcode scanner for products. Use the built-in camera to scan barcodes for easy checkout.
  • You can use it with multiple MINDBODY merchant accounts. Independent contractors can use the same Poynt terminal as everyone else, making it easy and convenient for your entire staff.
  • It provides a customer-facing tip prompt. With the dual screen, customers are privately prompted to enter a tip amount avoiding the awkward "How much would you like to tip?" question after an appointment or service.
  • It runs the business app for a familiar user experience. The Poynt terminal comes with the MINDBODY business app pre-installed to make it easier for you and your staff. Sell contracts and products, view and edit client information, and manage your schedule—all on Poynt.  
  • It prints receipts. Poynt has a small, built-in thermal receipt printer to print receipts on the fly for customers who don't want their receipt emailed to them. 

With the right device, the checkout experience can be delightful. Check out Poynt to set your front desk up for success.

Ready to get started? Order Poynt today.

For more information about Poynt, talk to a hardware specialist today at 877.755.4279 (Monday–Friday 8 AM – 5 PM Pacific Standard Time) or visit mindbodyonline.com/poynt.

About the author:

Mario Ruiz

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Mario worked as a news and freelance photographer straight out of college and has covered everything from the crisis in Darfur to local news and sports. Now, Mario helps create the products Mindbody subscribers use every day.

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