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What City is Home to the Strongest Wellness Market in America? The Mindbody Wellness Index Ranks the Top 50

By Amaya Becvar Weddle

At the start of 2019, Americans face a health paradox. Wellness services are more available than ever before, yet many Americans struggle with obesity, addiction, mental illness, and other health issues. In an attempt to better understand where the opportunities to improve health exist, we created the Mindbody Wellness Index, a novel, proprietary algorithm that incorporates measures from both the supply side of wellness (business success factors for fitness, beauty, and integrative health businesses) and the demand side (or consumer health behaviors and attitudes).

The MINDBODY Wellness Index Ranking Results: The Strongest Wellness Markets in America

Austin-Round Rock, TX: The Strongest Wellness Market in America

Our data indicate that Austin metro area is nearly 10 points above the mean Index score, in large part because Austin residents display pro-health attitudes and behaviors, including spending the most money on wellness services in the nation. It doesn’t hurt that Austin has been named number one in the Best Places to Live by US News & World Report two years in a row or that wellness businesses in the Austin-Round Rock area have the highest revenue per capita of any metro area we measured. This spending translates into a thriving business environment—wellness businesses in Austin also process more credit cards than cash, a key indicator of stable business practice.

The Top Ten Strongest Wellness Markets in America

  1. Austin-Round Rock, TX
  2. San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, CA
  3. Raleigh, NC
  4. Denver-Aurora-Lakewood, CO
  5. Boston-Cambridge-Newton, MA-NH
  6. Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA
  7. Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL
  8. San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA
  9. Salt Lake City, UT
  10. San Diego-Carlsbad, CA

Wellness industry: Poised for growth

The wellness market is strong but still has plenty of room for growth. The average score for the top US wellness markets in America is 46.1. Only six markets achieved a Mindbody Wellness Index score above 50.

More about the Mindbody Wellness Index and research reports

The Mindbody Wellness Index ranks the overall health of the top 50 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) in the US. To find out where your local market ranks, download our report.

You can also download the Mindbody 2019 Fitness in America report for information on upcoming trends in the fitness industry and the obstacles that stop Americans from leading healthy lives. Download the 2019 Integrative Health in America report to learn all about what's happening in integrative health today and what's to come. 

Did your local wellness market make it into the top rankings?

View the report

About the author:

Amaya Becvar Weddle

Vice President, Research & Product Marketing

Amaya Weddle earned a Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction & Cognitive Science from UC San Diego in 2007 and has spent the last 12 years working in research leadership roles in software and technology companies. A listed inventor on over 40 technology patents in the US and internationally, Amaya’s passion is in technology innovation inspired by deep research—the intersection of human cognition, behavior, culture, technology, and market trends. Amaya came to Mindbody in 2014 and is now Vice President of Research & Product Marketing. She leads a team of researchers and strategists who are building technology to transform the wellness industry, connecting people to wellness providers that help them live happier, healthier lives. 

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