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Waning Fitness Resolutions? How Integrative Health Can Help

Calling all fitness studios, gyms, and integrative health businesses!

With January 1st and New Year’s resolutions somehow feeling as far away as the sweltering days of summer, it’s likely that your clients may have fallen behind on efforts toward a healthier lifestyle. As the year March-es on (wink), somehow our fitness routines fall by the wayside.

According to Swarm and Foursquare, most of us give up the good fight in the first week in February. This is when a jump in fast-food check-ins intersects with a decline in gym visits.

What if this year were different, though? Okay, your clients may have let up on that workout routine a bit already, but there’s still hope!

Being fit is more than just hitting the gym. It’s also about taking adequate time to recover to enhance efforts and prevent injury. What better way to do so than by pairing exercise with integrative health services? Your clients will feel revitalized rather than fatigued and sail through spring, resolute as ever.

Treat your clients like pro athletes and help them incorporate recovery into their routines

For professional athletes, recovery is an integral part of their training routines. Tough workouts, especially ones that challenge the body in new ways, put a lot of stress on the body, fatigue muscles, and cause microscopic damage to muscle cells. Eventually, of course, this leads to stronger bodies and improved health—but “hitting the ground running” pro-athlete-style can be quite a shock to the body at the start.

The Gatorade Sports Science Institute asserts that the top recovery methods include hydrotherapy (the use of ice, steam, or water to reduce pain), stretching, massage, nutrition, and sleep. Acupuncture has been shown to aid recovery as well. LeBron James and even Hugh Jackman (Wolverine, hi) have also been known to use cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is cold air therapy that typically involves standing inside a chamber and exposing the body to extremely low temperatures (below 200 degrees Fahrenheit). Benefits include decreased inflammation and expedited recovery time.

Partner with other businesses to create a holistic wellness routine

While it’s possible to add a stretching class to a fitness studio’s schedule, cryotherapy may present a bit more of a challenge. The Chief Integration Officer of Rejuv Medical, Garrett Ewers, is familiar with creating partnerships to expand offerings for clients. “Now looking at businesses going, ‘Should we bring that service on,’ they have two options: either partner with somebody else or not. You don't have to physically create a business partnership but a referral partnership.” Look to partner with businesses that offer complementary services and ensure your clients get a killer workout and the recovery methods that enable them to keep coming back for more.

Acupuncture, massage, and nutrition counseling (important recovery activities) are among the top services that people want to try next. Consider polling your current clients and seeing what they’re interested to guide your efforts.

The benefits of fitness studios partnering with other wellness businesses

Tapping into the clientele of integrative health businesses can help fitness studios and gyms. After establishing a partnership, your business is going to have a bigger reach. You’re increasing awareness of your business to people who are already investing in their health. The typical consumer who is regularly visiting an integrative health business is investing more in overall wellness. They’re even spending more on fitness than the average consumer ($456 versus $255).

Profile of the typical integrative health consumer

Know when to bring recovery in-house

Thinking you’re ready to offer workout and recovery under one roof? Ewers has experience with bringing on recovery services as well, “It all depends on is it the right time. Are you able to put the dedication into some of those things?” If you’re able to devote resources to expand your offerings, this may be a good option. Otherwise, partner up!

Healthy living isn’t limited to just fitness. It’s about balance and taking care of your body. Help your clients be their best in fitness with recovery through integrative health services. They’ll be able to work out better, long-term and keep to that resolution!

Keep yourself up to date on the latest in both fitness and integrative health. Read the Mindbody Wellness Index reports on Fitness in America and Integrative Health in America for more insights.

Get your integrative health on.

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Katherine Wernet

Katherine Wernet

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