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The tagging feature of MINDBODY software

The Magic of Using Mindbody Tags

By Nicole Spencer

May 23, 2022

How familiar with the tagging tools on various pages of your MINDBODY software? If you don't recognize them, let's get you acquainted!

Meet Your Mindbody Tagging Options

The tagging feature helps you to mark (or “tag”) customers listed in reports for future use—meaning you never have to write down names again.

There are three colors of tagging tools within your Mindbody software: yellow, green and red. The yellow tag, Tag New, should always be the first tagging tool you use. This tool will let you create a new list of tagged clients.

The green tag, Tag Add, is super helpful when you are grabbing multiple lists of clients from more than one report at a time. It functions just like it sounds—adding customers to an existing list of tagged clients.

The red tag, Untag Clients, removes clients from an existing list.

Why should you use MINDBODY tags?

Tagging helps you get the most out of your software, giving you an opportunity for deeper, more robust reporting.

Don't believe me? Let me show you:

Have you ever wondered how well your intro offers are doing? Your Client Acquisition Dashboard can give you a good idea of your sales, but what if you wanted to know how many of those clients purchased memberships within a month of purchasing their intro offer? Combing through all those client accounts would take forever, but with tagging it becomes a much simpler task.

Once you have your starting client list you can use the filter "Tagged Clients Only" to run a report using just your list of tagged clients.

For example, if you tagged your intro offer clients for the month of January, you could take these tagged clients and follow up with clients who didn't return for a second visit. To do this, use the No Return Report and filter using “Tagged Clients Only.” That will show you which of your intro offer clients didn't return for another visit within a given time period that you’ve tagged (e.g. six weeks, a year, etc.)

Once you have a list of your customers, the sky is the limit on how you use the list. Pull a list of customers who haven’t come back and offer them a special incentive to return or thank your 6 AM regulars with a coffee gift card—the options are endless!


Ready to get started with tags?

About the author:

Nicole Spencer

Knowledge Base Administrator

Nicole Spencer has been with Mindbody for over a year as a technical support agent. Before Mindbody, she was busy earning two bachelor's degrees in Computer Science and Writing Practices. When she isn't helping clients and coworkers, you can find her buried in her favorite book or TV show.

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