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Social Media Madness: Don’t Do These 6 Things

By Mindbody

May 23, 2022

There is no doubt that social media is now a big part of our lives and a big part of running a business. Social media allows studio owners to keep in touch with their clients (current and potential) on a daily basis to tell them what’s going on at the studio, and it enables owners and instructors to overall build a better relationship with their clients and community.

When done well, social media can improve the retention and loyalty of your existing clients and help you attract new ones. It also can help build your studio reputation both in your local community and within your fitness industry.

However, there are some types of posts or social media behaviors that can actually turn-off your social followers and give your studio a negative image or reputation.

Here are six things to avoid in social media marketing:

  1. Excessive posting. In general, post just once a day, 4-6 days a week. Your followers don’t need to hear from you more than that. Excessive posting turns into content that is less valuable or less interesting and results in your followers tuning you out. So focus on your best content and stick to sharing just once a day at most.
  2. Overselling. Are you mainly posting to pitch something to your clients? Look over your news feed for the last few months and check. As a guideline, only post a hard sell (i.e., workshop announcement, suggestion to try a new class) about once a week. Much more than that can be a big turn-off. No one wants to be pitched to all the time. So limit your hard sell posts, then take a soft sell approach (sharing things that show your studio in a favorable light without directly asking for a sign-up or sale) for the rest of your studio-related content. This approach is equally important, effective, and fun!
  3. Too much fitspiration. Posting close-up photos of rock-hard sweaty muscles along with exercise slogans or quotes that are usually telling people they need to be more hardcore about working out is not the best way to connect with clients or motivate them to come to your studio. Inspiration (much less fitspiration) is not a one-size-fits-all-approach so use it sparingly (if at all) and if you do, go for photos that represent your average clientele and quotes that are positive and uplifting.
  4. Going dark. Don’t disappear for days or weeks, because it then looks odd when you show back up again on your social media page. Your followers will see that behavior as a sign that you are inconsistent or disorganized when it comes to running your business. Or that you only show up when you want something. So stay steady with your posts!
  5. Forgetting your studio brand, image, or personality. What kind of studio are you? What are your values? What is most unique about your teaching style, your environment, or your personality? Try to carry this through into your social media posts. Don’t let your social media pages look like everyone else’s. With everything you write and every photo you share, ask yourself: “Does this help show off what is most special and unique about my studio? Does it promote my values and philosophy?” Do this and your unique voice will ring through loud and clear, and connect more strongly with your clients.
  6. Random, personal, or unpolished posts. The conversational nature of social media makes it easy to get casual with posts, but when it comes to your business page, keep it professional and polished. Proofread and edit everything you write. Keep your posts on-topic and related to health and fitness. And edit your photos when needed. There are even tons of fun, free online services that help you make creative visuals for your text and/or photos (picmonkey, quozio) so take advantage of them.

Overall, look at your social media page as a window into your studio and a way to bring your studio into the homes of your followers and your clients. Use your social media page to: (1) show clients what is going on with your business on a daily basis so they see what they’re missing and are excited to come back; (2) overall keep them feeling good about you, your studio, and your program so they stick with you for a long time!

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