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Top ten MSAs looking to try acupressure next

Putting Integrative Health Services on the Map

With the Mindbody Wellness Index, we set off to see what wellness in America looks like. Not only does it allow us to rank the top 50 US metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) by the strength of their wellness markets, but it also enables us to see what integrative health trends are popping up and where. With survey results from over 16,000 consumers across the US, we can see where services like massage and acupuncture are most popular now, and which markets could be poised for growth based on consumer interest. We created a map of the US that shows which services are most popular in which areas and what is trending and gaining interest.

Which metro areas are most engaged in integrative health services?

The map details the top ten integrative health services that American consumers received in the past year and the ten metro areas with the highest concentration of residents who get those services. For each service type, the ten metro areas with the highest percentage of residents using each service are indicated on the map. Exploring nutrition counseling (the third most popular service across the US), Cincinnati, OH-KY-IN comes out on top. Almost 28% of regular integrative health consumers in this area (those who get services three or more times per year) sought out nutrition counseling this past year. The next highest area is New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA at 24%.

Top 10 metro areas that received nutrition counseling last year: more than one in five Cincinnati consumers used this service

Top 10 MSAs that received nutrition counseling last year

Which metro areas are leading the new trends in integrative health services?

Also featured on this map are upcoming trends. You can switch the interest level to “Interested in trying” to see the top ten integrative health services that Americans want to try next. You may notice that these differ slightly from the top ten services that Americans got in the past year. Float tanks/floatation therapy, non-surgical body sculpting treatments (e.g., laser or radiofrequency body treatments), reflexology, hydrotherapy make their way into the top ten slots of services Americans want to try next and are upcoming trends. (Please note: due to sample size, we wanted to explore only the top ten services in either interest level.) You can see that while Sacramento-Roseville-Arden-Arcade, CA was the massage capital this past year, Birmingham-Hoover, AL has the highest percentage of residents looking to try a massage next. The Birmingham metro area had the smallest percentage of consumers who opted for massages this year at 43%, but the area is clearly eager to give it a try.

Top 10 metro areas that got massages last year: spread across the US

Top 10 metro areas that got massages last year

Top 10 metro areas that are interested in trying massages next: interest particularly strong in the East!

Top 10 metro areas that are interested in trying massages next

Interacting with the map can show the diversity in interest across the US and give additional insight into trend hotspots.

Once you get to the map, explore by toggling between the two interest levels and selecting the service type. If your area didn’t make it into the top ten, don’t worry. We have also included a table below the map that shows all of the top 50 MSAs and the percent of residents who received a given service in the past year or who are interested in trying a service next.

See integrative health across America.

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About the author:

Margo Badzioch

Margo Badzioch

Market Research Lead

Margo is as passionate about data as she is about wellness. She has an extensive background in quantitative consumer and business research across multiple industries and loves to translate data into stories. She has a healthy obsession with wellness and has multiple certifications, including intimate life coaching, health coaching, and culinary nutrition. Naturally, her path led her to Mindbody where she is conducting wellness research.

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