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Mindbody and Fitbit® Integrate to Offer Activity Tracking for the Classes You Take

By Meredith Simmons

Mindbody and Fitbit® have integrated to provide Mindbody app users with more information about their fitness workouts. After connecting your Mindbody app with your Fitbit activity tracker, you will be able to capture specific personal activity data like total active minutes, calories burned and heart rate* achieved during your booked workouts. Then, after the class or appointment, you can view an activity summary on your history page within the Mindbody app.

With this information, you can view results by class or session—and better understand the benefits of every class you take, whether it’s on the mat or in the gym. And—there's no need to remember to start or stop your Fitbit activity tracker. Since it's synced with your scheduled class—that happens automatically!

Because wearable technologies are revolutionizing the wellness industry, our Chief Product Officer Chet Brandenburg believes that the integration will help give people the tools they need to identify how to improve the quality of their fitness choices. "Integrating wearable tracker data with software like Mindbody opens up a host of new possibilities for consumers and wellness practitioners—from tracking workout intensity to developing fitness plans based on individual results from wearable data.” 

Fitbit is a registered trademark and service mark of Fitbit, Inc. The Mindbody app is designed for use with the Fitbit platform. This product is not put out by Fitbit, and Fitbit does not service or warrant the functionality of this product.

*Heart rate information is only available with Fitbit Charge HR™ and Fitbit Surge™.

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About the author:

Meredith Simmons

Senior Content Marketing Specialist and Certified Group Fitness Instructor


Meredith is an avid sports fan and group fitness addict, which lead to her becoming a certified fitness instructor in 2019. A long-time Mindbodyian, Meredith helps tell the stories of the thousands of businesses using Mindbody to make the world a happier and healthier place.


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