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12 Creative Ideas to Engage Your Clients and Drive Sales with Email Marketing

By Constant Contact

May 23, 2022

You know how to make a great impression on customers when they come to your business.

From the moment they walk through your doors, you’re introducing them to their new favorite yoga poses, a fresh beauty routine, effective massage techniques or tailored personal training plans.

This is the kind of quality experience that sets you apart from the competition and drives customer loyalty.

But a quality customer experience is not enough on its own.

To keep your business healthy and growing, you need to come up with a plan to follow up with customers online as well.

With online tools like Mindbody and Constant Contact, you can reach customers where they are every day: their inbox. You can also make it easy for them to book new appointments online with a few clicks.

How can you make sure your messages make an impact and drive new and repeat business?

Here are 12 email content ideas for yoga studios, gyms, spas/salons and massage therapists:

Yoga studios

1. Create an exclusive mini-course. Provide clients with a new yoga pose or breathing exercise each day for two weeks with an explanation of physical, mental and emotional benefits.

2. Run a photo contest.Encourage your clients to share photos of themselves in their favorite yoga pose. They can send their photos in for you to share or post on their own social media pages with a relevant hashtag. Make sure to remind them to mention your business in the caption.

3. Offer discounted prices for multi-class yoga packages. Does your studio offer multiple types of yoga classes? Clients who are brand new to yoga may not know which classes are right for them. Let them sample your offerings with a discounted variety package.


    1. Create a training schedule. Not all the clients at your gym may be ready to sign up for personal training sessions, but they can still benefit from your expertise. Create a 30-day fitness challenge incorporating your class schedule, healthy recipes and easy exercises they can try from home.

    2. Send a survey. Does your class schedule meet all your clients’ needs? Find out by sending a short two-question survey: “What do you like best about the gym?” and “What can we improve?”

    3. Reward customer referrals. Reach out to your personal training clients and offer them a free week of training when they refer a friend to sign up for a training session.

    Spas and salons

    1. Send a last-minute deal. Having a slow day at your business? Send out a quick email to your contacts offering 15 percent off all services and treatments.

    2. Share healthy tips. Write a blog post detailing the steps your clients can take to healthier hair or skin. Share the post in a newsletter and ask clients what other questions they’d like answered in future posts.

    3. Introduce your staff. Let your clients get to know the people behind your business. Each week, introduce a new staff member with an overview of their interests and a personal anecdote, like their biggest beauty faux pas.

    Massage therapists

    1. Be timely. Send tips throughout the year with timely tips like shoveling snow without hurting your back, avoiding dehydration in the summer, and combating spring allergies.

    2. Partner with another business. Collaborate with another business in your area to send your clients an exclusive discount to an upcoming yoga class or a coupon for a therapeutic pillow.

    3. Promote an event. Invite your subscribers to come to an open house at your business, where your staff can share the secrets behind their techniques and advice for stress relief in between sessions.

    Get creative at your business.

    Sending messages that are valuable to your audience strengthens your connection and drives action. When you offer clients a great experience and give them good reason to come back, there’s a good chance you’ll see them back at your business before you know it. Interested in more ways you can engage your audience? Here are 30 Email Ideas for When You’re Not Sure What to Send.

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