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New Years Sparkler for 2019

How to Turn Resolutioners Into Loyal Clients

By Meg Aidekman

June 22, 2020

Each year, January heralds in a fresh crop of clients hoping to start new and healthier habits. But like clockwork, many of those who start the year with such enthusiasm begin to fall off only a few weeks later. So, how do you get them to stay once the “New Year, New You” glow has worn off?

Absenteeism is not all upside.

You may be wondering why it even matters if a member who still pays their dues no longer attends. It’s revenue, right? Keep in mind, clients contemplating canceling their memberships are the ones likely still paying but not attending. And once they quit, they no longer see value in their membership and are unlikely to re-up in the future. What does this mean? Keeping clients engaged is key to continued revenue.

Differentiate your brand through experiences.

Give newcomers a unique experience that will connect them to your brand forever. Making sure your studio stands out from the one down the block is crucial to keeping clients coming back again and again. Hosting a retreat can achieve just that. Special offerings and opportunities can set you apart from the crowd and make your brand truly unforgettable. Retreat attendees even go on to purchase more memberships, packages, private sessions, and workshop experiences from host studios.

Make a personal connection.

Clients who attend a retreat develop a personal connection with your studio. Attendees experience an immersive offering in a more intimate setting giving you and your staff an opportunity to better get to know them. A retreat can be truly transformative and turn clients into lifelong devotees. A client attending a retreat will often invite friends and family to join them, deepening your connection to your client through their broader circle and expanding your reach in the community.

Give them a goal to work toward.

Providing members with motivation can be one of the most challenging aspects of running a studio. A retreat not only gives them something to look forward to, but it also gives them a goal to work toward and keeps them coming in between now and the retreat. Whether they wish to whip their body into shape to look great at beachside boot camp or master their most challenging asana leading up to a yoga retreat, clients thrive on concrete goals—especially if those goals pay off in paradise.

Create an influential community among your clients.

Even before the plane touches down, gathering retreat attendees to create a cohesive group not only makes for a better retreat experience, it also makes attendees more likely to stick around after the retreat is over. Clients often keep each other accountable for showing up and push each other to work harder and make progress on their goals. Pre-retreat events allow newcomers to engage, get to know existing members and more importantly, allow existing members to get to know them.

Ready to see how hosting retreats can generate revenue for your studio?

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About the author:

Meg Aidekman

Guest Blogger

Meg Aidekman is the co-founder of Trip Tribe, a revenue-generating retreats-made-simple, no-cost travel services and trip management technology for studios, gyms, personal trainers and wellness professionals.

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