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How to Strengthen Your Business Through AI-Powered Email & SMS Tools

By Skyler Evans

September 19, 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t new—in fact, computer scientists have been theorizing about how to put AI into practice since the 1950s, and since then people have dreamed of developing a way to make machines think.  

Today, AI is no longer just a theory but an actualized technology, and it’s popping up in the mainstream more and more as it is being used to power new and inventive tools. AI is scheduling our calendars, recommending recipes, sending us reminders about doctor appointments. AI has made its way from personal to professional by way of AI marketing tools. We see AI-powered email and automated customer journeys, we see timed SMS sends, and lead generation magnets.  

While many are excited about the potential of AI, there are some who are wary. That’s fair—adopting anything new can be difficult, especially when it comes to adopting new technologies.  

While some people are thrilled at the prospect of what’s new, some are scared that emerging technologies will pose a threat to their livelihoods—that what’s new could take away their jobs. So it’s important to look at technology with a critical but hopeful lens…and to maybe not jump the gun to a Terminator-style robot situation when we’re talking about AI-generated birthday emails. 

But, to speak plainly about a complex topic: AI is powerful and it stands to help you build a better business.  

The power of AI marketing 

Businesses have the power to use AI to power their products, send emails, set up opt-ins for text messages, and to coordinate event RSVP lists, amongst a whole slew of other marketing practices. AI, when used properly, can be highly beneficial to you and your business, by:  

  • Ending writer’s block: Gone are the days of crunch time and late nights to get the word out about your business. Using AI to help you craft content means no more blank pages. 
  • Improving connections with your audience: Create automated customer journeys, easily nurture leads, and send personalized content with AI-powered email marketing and SMS text messages.  
  • Helping you carve out time for other tasks: Let AI pick up the slack of regular and tedious tasks so you have more time to strategize and focus on the big picture for your business.  

Can AI write an email? 

The short answer is yes, AI can write emails. Now, that’s not to say AI is going to replace all of the work it takes to produce quality email marketing—that’s still on you as a business owner or a marketer.  

Mail AI can, however, help you generate subject lines to get your emails noticed in the inbox. AI can create body copy that will engage and delight your readers to heed your calls to action and make the conversions your business craves. Use AI-generated content to create birthday notes, welcome emails, and to send AI-generated invitations to your subscribers. All you have to do is prompt the technology to produce the content that you want and then tweak it until you have the perfect email.  

image of ai email

Writing email content is easy with AI—select your message type and generate. 

Using AI-powered marketing automations 

On a personal note, when I think about automating anything my first thought is: zoom, zoom—we’re on our way to getting the boring bit out of the way. “Siri, negotiate my schedule.” 

What I mean to say is that I love it when I do not have to enter in email addresses manually. I love not having to check every time someone has a birthday (because I do not want to miss sending them a surprise!). I love that there is software that lets me sit back and let the robot do the walking and (some of) the talking, because it means that I have more time to focus on other tasks.  

On a professional note, AI in marketing gives businesses the opportunity to take cumbersome and repetitive tasks that occur within their day-to-day schedules and plan out flows that take care of their execution. Workflows can be designed to trigger email notifications and populate subscriber lists. Automated customer journeys understand where customers drop off before purchasing a product or completing an opt-in form.  

And it works, like really works, to increase sales for your business—up to 14.5%.  

automated workflows

This example showcases an automated workflow that triggers specific actions based on a customer's behavior with a subscription opt-in. 

I can only speak for myself but I am addicted to my phone. I check it constantly and I feel protective over it—my whole life is in there!  

Because of my own wariness when it comes to SMS marketing, it means that when I do give out my phone number to a company, it’s a company I trust and I am highly likely to notice their messages and click on their links.  

This is the type of behavior that brands have caught onto and are learning to use to their advantage. As a business owner, using SMS messaging for opt-ins and appointment reminders (note that this is big with members of the Mindbody community because who hasn’t looked at the clock and realized they were going to be late to yoga at least once?) can be a big boost for retaining customers and gaining new ones.  

Now that AI is on the scene, it is easier than ever to craft messages that are sure to send a little brain squeeze to your recipients. Similar to AI-powered email marketing, AI-powered SMS text messaging lets you generate text message copy based on prompts, include short links to your website or collection form, and follows the standard parameters for SMS messaging including character count, send times, and opt-in and opt-out requirements.  

ai generated sms

AI-generated content can be used to craft SMS text messages. Like AI-powered email, simply select your message type and generate content. 

The next generation of small business marketing 

Running a small business takes a ton of time and effort, it’s why any help you can get might be the difference between an all-nighter sending emails and a day of pure and uninterrupted invention. Luckily, AI-powered email, SMS, and other automated tools are now available for your company’s arsenal.  

Schedule important sends to go off without a hitch by setting action triggers in your workflow. Craft compelling email copy that provides your audience with value and makes them feel like they are having a conversation with you. Stay within important parameters when it comes to communicating with your customers through text.  

No Terminator here, just the next generation of thoughtful, personal, and productive business.  

Constant Contact exists to help the small stand tall—which is why we have invested in new technologies that make everyday business practices easier. From AI-powered email to automated SMS text messaging, we are ready to help your business reach new heights. Check out our integration in the Mindbody Partner Store to help turn your contacts into connections.  

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About the author:

skyler evans headshot

Skyler Evans

Guest Blogger

Content Producer, Copywriting at Constant Contact

Skyler is a writer and content creator with specialties in creative project management, content writing, photography, and design. Over the course of her career, she's had the great pleasure to contribute her skills to an international non-profit, a social marketing agency, and a government software company. She is a graduate of Florida State University, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and a Bachelor of Science in Media and Communication Studies.

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