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How to Convert Studio-Hoppers and Drop-Ins into Full-Time Members

Everybody who comes through your studio’s door for the first time is an opportunity.

That person may be visiting on a multi-studio subscription pass (aka a “studio-hopper”), or as a drop-in. That’s great! Multi-studio subscriptions show off your business to new customers. Allowing drop-in availability gives customers a no-commitment option to try before they buy.

In either case, you’ve got a chance to convert them into a full-time member. That’ll mean you can work with them regularly toward their goals AND rely on them for recurring revenue.

But, converting those drive-by customers isn’t that simple. Here are a few tactics you can try to turn more into members.

Update your drop-in rules

Restrict what’s available to drop-ins and studio-hoppers to benefit your business and incentivize membership.

Only offer introductory options or less-popular class times for these customers. This will:

  • Help you fill slower/less popular classes.

  • Drive drop-ins toward membership if they want to attend advanced or more popular classes.

Remember, you want to make membership attractive if they decide they like your studio.

Revamp your memberships

Part of making memberships look attractive is catering memberships toward people who might prefer flexibility.

One tactic could be creating a less-rigid month-to-month membership with no contract. You could also introduce membership holds—allowing your members to take a month off once per year. This can be especially helpful for someone who travels a lot during a certain time of year or will be away for the holidays.

Another could be adding member-only incentives to your studio or gym.

These could include:

  • Advanced class sign-ups unavailable to the general public.

  • Discounts on retail items.

  • Free guest passes.

  • Members-only events like parties or movie nights.

Your next step is to reach out to these visitors so they know about all the great services you provide to your members.

Use Automation

Automated marketing is a powerful tool in your fitness software. Use it to your advantage.

Target clients who’ve signed up with multi-studio subscriptions. Send them automated emails or texts after they come to a class. Highlight your membership benefits, potential savings, and the results they could enjoy from regular attendance.

Create a great experience

Most importantly, in order to get people to come back, you want to give them a great experience.

Think about every part of their journey and make it as easy-to-navigate and enjoyable as possible. Is your business easy to find online? Do your front-desk staff and instructors greet clients by name and create a welcoming environment?

Also, focus on building a community that can’t be replicated at another studio. You want your studio to be open and engaging—a place where clients feel comfortable and have a supportive group of instructors and friends.

Scheduling events like fundraisers, movie nights, and parties are a great way to build the sort of community somebody would like to be a member of.

Using some of these practices should help you to convert more drop-ins into members. Good luck!

About the author:

Kyle Magin

Senior Copywriter

Kyle Magin is a Senior Copywriter for Mindbody. He’s passionate about good books, hiking in National Parks, and swimming.

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