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How to Boost Retention and Delight Customers with Nift

By Kate Sikes

August 1, 2023

As a business owner in the wellness industry, you know you’re doing something right when you keep bringing in new clients. But how do you make sure the people you worked so hard to bring in actually come back? You know how to give them a great experience, but that experience doesn’t end at the door. To set yourself apart as the best of the best, you need to thank your clients in ways they’ll love and remember. That’s where Nift comes in.

Nift is a free service that helps you show your appreciation by sending your clients something we would all love to receive—a thank you email with a $30 gift card. You decide who to thank—after a visit or when they purchase a membership, for example—and Nift automatically pairs your lucky client with $30 to spend with top brands like Uber and Hello Fresh. Data from this Mindbody partnership shows that “thanked” clients return more than twice as often. And the best part? It’s completely free for you to activate and use through Mindbody.

Ready to boost retention and delight customers at your business? Here’s how Nift has helped some of our Mindbody customers:

Nift gift cards help build customer relationships

Nift is easy for busy business owners to use, thanks to its simple merchant dashboard that lets you choose what actions trigger a Nift email to send. You can send automated emails to all your clients to thank them for their business and give them a Nift card— with no extra work or money from you or your team.

Kevin Smith, senior franchise operations manager for ILoveKickboxing, credits Nift with increased client satisfaction:

“Over the last six months, we have seen our locations give over 94,000 gifts to customers to thank them for being members. That's basically $2.7 million in gifts of the types of brands and products our members are interested in, without our location owners needing to spend a dime.

And while that's incredible by itself, the best part is that we see these members coming back—contributing to long-term success for the studios and the members themselves.”

Thanking clients encourages them to return to your business

“My clients appreciate getting Nifts,” says Larry Anam, personal trainer and owner of Waju Fitness. One of their core values is making sure his clients know how much he cares about them.

“I think, nowadays, people try so hard to get new business that they don't focus on their old clients. I really care about mine.” Anam knows it's his job to make sure his customers keep coming back. To do that, he gives them an exceptional experience and gives them Nift cards to show his gratitude. “Just to say thank you, to give them a gift to another local business, they really appreciate that. It's an act of kindness.”

How to set up Nift (it takes only minutes and works automatically)

Using Nift is simple for businesses of any size. You set it up once by visiting this website, then it just works in the background. There’s no additional work for your team. When Rich Gaccione, manager of Ula Café, thinks about implementing new processes, one of his first concerns is his staff. He describes Nift as “a hands-off, organic transaction.”

Why it’s not too good to be true

It almost sounds too easy to be real. Can you truly send free gifts to your clients, keep them engaged, and drive repeat visits more than two times as often with Nift—all for free? Here’s how.

Nift partners with brands like Gaiam, Hello Fresh, Verb Energy, and more. When Nift gifts go out to wellness fans, these brands are connected to new customers, and they pay the cost. It’s a win-win. You get to send out free gift cards, and brands that partner with Nift get introduced to new customers.  

You spend so much time and effort on creating an excellent customer experience. Nift adds one additional touchpoint of delight for no additional cost and no added effort. So, if you’re ready to start sending free gifts to your clients, go to to connect your account and start sending Nifts instantly. Have any questions? Reach out to  [email protected].

Ready to delight customers with Nift?

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About the author:

Kate Sikes Headshot

Kate Sikes

Channel Partner Manager


With six years under her belt as a member of the Mindbody and Booker team, Kate contributes to efforts across the organization and spearheads innovative customer-focused initiatives to grow the global wellness community. She manages Channel Partner relationships for both platforms, and is based in New York City.

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