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The Evolution of Community in the Fitness and Wellness Industry

By Miranda Raimon

How much impact do trends have on your business strategy? For fitness and wellness business owners, staying on top of what’s happening in the industry is paramount—but as always, it’s essential to stay true to your mission and vision. Some trends can come and go but others are here to stay. One trend we’re keeping an eye on in 2020? Community.

The Mindbody Wellness Index shows that community is a driving factor for the healthiest cities in America.

Read on to explore how the idea of community is evolving in the health, wellness and fitness space—as well as how to apply this trend to boost customer satisfaction and retention.

How to define community in 2020

How do you define community at your small business?

While it may seem obvious, your community is clearly the audience that fills your classes, appointments or sessions each day. Taking a closer look at your customer acquisition and retention strategy could raise a red flag—are you unconsciously segmenting, excluding, or alienating a subset of your own community?

Now more than ever, fitness and wellness enthusiasts are finding their next great experience through technology, namely aggregators and marketplaces, to discover classes or services they wouldn’t find otherwise. Foster inclusivity among your team and use it as a guiding principle for all you do. By ensuring everyone who walks through your doors feels welcome, you’ll create a safe and inviting space and building a true community—no matter how the visitor found their way to you.

Your staff is the face of your business. Influencers are on the rise, and your instructors or facilitators have the power to inspire and attract new cohorts of visitors. Finding (and keeping!) great talent is essential for your studio, gym, or wellness venue.

Keep the dialogue open with your staff—try to set recurring one-to-one meetings or offer goal-setting workshops so you can foster growth within your team. Keep your instructors or facilitators motivated and avoid burnout with continuing education. Most importantly, ensure they know you value their feedback, to strive for greater talent tenure.

Think outside the box to engage your community

We predict the power of events will play an even bigger role in the marketing strategy for fitness and wellness businesses in 2020. And while hosting events isn’t a new idea, savvy business owners will need to get creative to earn more of the customer’s most valuable asset—their time.

Strategize ways to invite customers to spend more time at your studio, gym, or wellness venue. Host pop-ups, giveaways, happy hours, or ‘sweatworking’ events to engage your audience. Partner with local like-minded businesses to diversify your community and strengthen bonds in the neighborhood. To learn more about hosting a pop-up event at your fitness or wellness business, download our checklist

These are just a few of our predictions about how community will continue to grow and evolve into 2020 within the fitness and wellness industry. Inclusivity, empowerment, and creativity go a long way when it comes to furthering your community and growing your business.

Ready to build a sense of community at your fitness or wellness business?

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About the author:

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Miranda Raimon

Guest Blogger

Content Marketing Manager, Class Pass

Miranda works on the B2B Marketing Team at ClassPass creating valuable, impactful and data-driven partner-facing content. When she’s not writing, you’ll find Miranda sipping an Americano, rolling out her yoga mat, or munching on a baguette while practicing her French.

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