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Customer Communication Preferences and Mindbody

By Mindbody

Legislation regarding the use and protection surrounding consumer data is continuously evolving and differs from region to region. Our products will continue to be updated to reflect current legislation to equip our customers with the tools to protect their students and clients.

Here's how Mindbody is evolving to help you with changing regulations:

More flexibility for communication with your clients

We've expanded our communication categories to allow more flexibility with how clients like to be contacted and which types of messages they want to receive.

Check out the Auto Email Setup screen to see the new categories, and view which messages fall into those categories.

Additionally, clients can choose to receive communications through email and/or text independently for every category.

Allow clients to adjust their communication preferences quickly

From the footer of your auto emails, clients can easily update their communication preferences.

This page shows all categories of communication preferences and gives your client visibility to their preferences without needing to log into their online account, all while branded to match your business.

Display your business policies

Fine print is important, and now there is an easy way for your clients to view your business policies. There are new pages added to Consumer Mode to display your Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy as set up in your Mindbody site.

Once entered, your policies will be accessible from the following places:

  • The footer of your auto emails
  • The footer of the Communication Preferences page (coming soon)
  • Linked in the help tab of consumer mode
  • In the settings section of your branded mobile app
  • In the Check Out/Place Order screen

These features help ensure your messages and policies are going to the right customers in the right place, at the right time. If you're interested in learning more, visit our Support Center.

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