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San Francisco and Kansas City skylines in red and gold

Big Game Matchup 2020: Which City Is Healthier–San Francisco or Kansas City?

By Katherine Wernet

May 25, 2022

Are you ready for some football? In a matter of days, the teams will face off in Miami, the healthiest city in America. As we eagerly await to see which side wins on the field, we got to wondering, which city is healthier–San Francisco or Kansas City? Who’s advanced down the field of wellness and who can gain some more ground?

Kickoff: Who works out the most?

Both cities have been training hard, but this game will determine who’s been training harder. San Francisco kicks off. More than 40% of SF residents engage in group fitness at least once a week. Just under 20% of KC residents work out together in groups or classes. The game’s off to a thrilling start, with San Francisco channeling their inner Nick Bosa, causing Kansas City to fumble, and getting possession.

All that working out is doing something good for the California city. Half (or just over 49er%) of San Francisco’s residents have a normal, healthy BMI. The same can be said for only 33% of Kansas City’s, giving SF’s offense a Shana-hand down the field.

Football is a physical game. Which city is more satisfied with its fitness level? San Francisco clinches a touchdown in the final seconds of the first quarter with 46% of residents saying they’re satisfied or very satisfied with their overall fitness level. Kansas City has yet another slow start as it heads into the second quarter behind, with only 29% feeling satisfied or very satisfied with their fitness level.

2nd quarter: Who’s most committed to self-care?

At the top of the second quarter, KCMO is feeling the pressure. Just over 40% of Kansas City residents say they’re stressed or extremely stressed. But with some MVPat magic, they score. San Francisco is feeling the heat now, with 44% reporting feeling stressed or extremely stressed.

Both cities spend the rest of the quarter focusing on maintenance and self-care. Kansas City residents know the importance of self-care through beauty and grooming; 59% regularly book facials, manis/pedis, haircuts, and other salon and spa services four times a year or more. San Francisco is slightly lower at 57% but holds the line. We hit halftime with a tie.

3rd quarter: Who’s taking the time to recover through healthy habits?

Coming off halftime, we’ll see which team has focused on recovering after a tough first two quarters. San Francisco starts with possession. Forty-two percent of SF residents report they get four or more integrative health services (like massage, cryotherapy, and acupuncture) a year. Only 26% of KCMO residents say the same. San Francisco advances five yards.

Jimmy G whiz, SF’s bringing a lot of energy to the game. Maybe that’s because 51% of San Francisco gets at least 7-8 hours of shuteye a night. It’s like Kansas City is asleep on the field; only 43% of KCMO residents get the same sleep.

Today’s plays are highlighting the importance of healthy fueling. San Francisco makes eating fruits and vegetables a priority. Forty-three percent of residents eat the recommended daily amount. Only 24% of KCMO eats that much produce (BBQ, anyone?). While 65% of SF drinks at least 6-8 glasses of water daily, only 52% of Kansas City does the same. San Francisco’s running back committee makes the Mostert of the situation and scores a touchdown.

4th quarter: Who has a holistic approach to wellness?

Reid-y or not, it hinges on the seven dimensions of wellness for Kansas City. After all, wellness is more than just being physically fit. Challenging yourself intellectually is every bit as important. When it comes to engaging in creative and mentally stimulating activities, 65% of SF residents say they do so regularly. KC? Only 45%. It’s a Gould-en opportunity for San Francisco, kicking a field goal to add to their lead.

The relationship between these two teams is Shady at best; how do the two match up on social wellness, though? When asked if residents have close relationships with their friends and family, San Francisco ranks 8th closest, and Kansas City 44th.

This team needs a miracle. Kansas City attempts a Hail Mary. While 48% of Kansas City feels spiritually fulfilled, 48% of San Francisco feels the same. SF intercepts the pass and takes possession, running out the clock.

Sorry, Paul Rudd.

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About the author:

Katherine Wernet

Katherine Wernet

Senior Campaign Program Manager


Katherine leads the salon and spa marketing strategy at Mindbody and is part of the team behind the Mindbody Wellness Index. While she started her career in film and television, a passion for small businesses won out and led her to Mindbody. She earned her MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

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