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8 Ways Texting Can Motivate Clients and Drive New Business

By Natalie Pease

Whether you own a gym, yoga studio, salon, or spa cultivating a seamless client experience is essential for success—and that experience should include modern forms of communication. Today, more and more business owners are discovering the power text messaging can have on their business. In fact, consumers prefer it over any other communication channel, making it the fastest way to reach them wherever they’re at.

Here are some effective ways to start using texting today to save time, motivate clients and drive new business.

1. Follow up with prospects.

Texting is an effective tool for contacting and following up with prospects—it’s less intrusive and lower pressure than a phone call but is still conversational. It’s also a great medium for sending membership renewal reminders to current clients, which helps increase retention.

2. Provide personalized encouragement.

Fostering relationships can be challenging when your clients are on the go, but text messaging allows you to reach them wherever they are. Use it to send helpful wellness tips, motivational quotes, class schedules and more.

3. Fill more classes and appointment slots.

If you have certain classes that tend to fill up quickly, you can set up waitlists for your clients with the MINDBODY texting integration. If someone cancels their spot or if any last-minute spaces open up in that class, your clients on the waitlist will be automatically notified. You can also reduce no-shows by scheduling text alerts to remind clients of their upcoming classes or appointments.

4. Manage your team’s time better.

Save those wasted hours spent playing phone tag and use them to focus on providing world-class customer service that keeps clients coming back again and again.

5. Respond automatically–even after hours.

The best client service continues even after your doors close for the day. Using automated messages, you can make sure clients’ texts are answered outside of business hours. In addition, your staff can use pre-drafted texts to quickly respond to FAQs. Clients will feel like a priority when they receive a quick response.

6. Gather reviews and feedback.

Easily send clients a follow-up text asking for feedback after their appointment or class. The conversational nature of texting helps to build trust with clients, so they’ll be more likely to provide honest feedback.

7. Send promotions and sale announcements.

Reach more clients on your opt-in list by sharing your marketing promotions through text. Better yet, offer exclusive discounts or sales to your list.

8. Answer billing questions and send payment reminders.

Texting allows you to quickly and easily follow up on delinquent accounts. You can also set up scheduled reminders each month, so clients don’t forget to pay their bills on time.

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About the author:

Natalie Pease

Senior Account Executive


Natalie Pease is an experienced member of Zipwhip's sales team. She helps fitness business owners drive revenue and attract new members with text messaging.

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