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7 Ideas for Your Next Email Campaign

By Constant Contact

Making a great impression when customers come to your studio is what you know best.

When they walk through your doors, you’re creating an environment that builds confidence, inspires change, or simply share your favorite yoga pose. Those ideas are what drive a great client experience and connect you with your local community.

Marketing this experience can be a tough challenge, but email marketing is a great way to remind them of what it feels like to be in your studio.

How can you make sure your messages resembles that experience? Here are seven ideas for your next email campaign.

1. Special Offer

Turn first-time customers into repeat business by offering seasonal offers. Send updates for services relevant to upcoming seasons, such as graduation or wedding season and consider including an option to order a gift certificate.

2. Promote an event

Invite your clients to an open house at your business. Your staff can share the secrets behind their techniques and advice for stress relief in between sessions. Personalize your invitation to make your clients feel connected.

3. Lifestyle Tips

All clients look to their coach for tips so they can learn from your expertise. Create a nutrition plan or share recipes to provide wellness advice outside your studio. Write a blog post providing clients with workout ideas and tips like how to prevent common injuries to stay top-of-mind and drive email sharing.

4. Give Back to the Community

Partner with a local non-profit to inspire change within your community. Share their cause and encourage clients to schedule classes and use your influence to drive change.

5. Referral Request

Entice your monthly members a free class or training session by having them refer a friend.

6. Send a survey

The best way to get insights on your staff or studio is through customer feedback. Send a short survey to improve your customer experience. Ask what they liked about your service and how likely they are to refer their friend.

7. Introduce your staff

Ask your staff about what inspired them to join your team. Share their inspiration to promise no matter who’s teaching or training; your clients are confident they’ll meet their individual needs.

For more content ideas, check out the guides that fit your industry.

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