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3 Reasons Denver’s Wellness Scene Is One to Watch—from a Bostonian’s Point of View

In October, the Mindbody Boston team left the hustle and bustle of the east coast for the mile-high city. We knew the scene would be hip, but we had no idea we would discover several wellness trends we want to see popping up in Boston soon.

Here are some of our favorite fitness trends we saw in Denver:

1. Express Facial Bars

When was the last time you could get glowing skin on your lunch break? Facials usually mean it’s your birthday or a special occasion and you took the day off to pamper yourself. Well, those are days are gone—at least in Denver. The facial bars there offer an express facial for a third of the price and a fraction of the time commitment. Imagine your favorite blow-out bar setup; you can expect the same at an express facial bar. The chairs recline, the music is soothing, and the experience is rejuvenating and quick.

2. Oxygen + B12 Bars

There’s no denying it—traveling isn’t all fun and play. The change in altitude mixed with a business trip diet and busy schedule isn’t exactly a recipe for making you feel like you’re at your best. So, let’s get real for a moment, shall we? There are days during your week when a quick reset at an oxygen bar would make all the difference in how you feel. Oxygen bars are wellness centers with services beyond IVs. How about a B12 shot to up your energy for the day? You can leave on cloud nine with a juice in hand!

3. Salt Caves

Sure, maybe you have a Himalayan salt lamp at home or your hot yoga studio has a wall lined with this healing mineral, but Denver has taken salt therapy to the next level. While we do see destination salt caves around Boston, Denver has a few modern spins on this format. Salt therapy has a number of benefits, like aiding in muscle recovery and easing the symptoms of respiratory issues. The most exciting part about this trend was realizing it’s clear many Denver residents consider this part of their holistic wellness routine. Some centers even offered Reiki and detoxification guaranteeing an all-encompassing “feel good” session.

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