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How Would You Like to Make $20,000 from One Email?

How would you like to make $20,000 in sales from one email? That’s exactly what Boston-area studio, Turnstyle Cycle, did using Constant Contact email marketing and Mindbody together.

When we first started in 2013, there wasn’t a lot of competition,” said Turnstyle Cycle’s founding partner, Matt Juszczak. “But as we were opening, a bunch of studios started popping up. With increased competition across Boston, Matt knew he needed a way to transform his studio into a booming business.

“We can post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, but that’s not going to get us anywhere near the level of engagement that an email will,” says Matt. “Sending email is really the only thing that can bring in 5 digit sales for us.

Here’s a look at how Matt’s email marketing strategy helps him reach record-breaking sales, including one email that brought in $20,000 in sales:

1. Attract new customers with an irresistible deal

To get new customers to try his studio, Matt offers first-time visitors an introductory deal where they can try three classes for less than $7 per class.

Using Mindbody, Matt’s new customers create an account, select their preferred gym location, and easily schedule their first class in minutes. Best of all, with the Mindbody and Constant Contact integration, all new customers who sign up will automatically sync to his Constant Contact email marketing account and immediately receive a Welcome Email.

“Mindbody is the central location for email opt-ins for us,” Matt explains. “We have a sign-up form on our website that defaults to having people subscribe to our mailing list.”

2. Create eye-catching emails to bring new customers back

Once new customers sign up, Matt stays in touch with them through engaging email marketing messages. “Because we’re sourcing from Mindbody, it’s nice to know we can send an email every week or two and any new people who have signed up online are already in Constant Contact,” says Matt. “It’s nice that the automation is there.”

When it comes time to send a new marketing email, Matt looks for opportunities to simultaneously delight his customers and drive business for his studio. The Mindbody and Constant Contact integration allows Turnstyle Cycle to segment their audience so they can send targeted messages based on location, classes taken, membership tier and more.

“I recently sent an email promoting a random discount as a customer delight-er.  I changed the discount every few minutes within my Mindbody account,” he says. “We probably made $20,000 in sales in one night.”

3. Track results with real-time reporting

After sending an email, Matt reviews his results. From opens and clicks, to the most engaging subject lines, and opens by mobile versus desktop — he’s able to gain valuable insights about what’s working for his audience.

With a successful marketing strategy, and the help of digital tools like Mindbody and Constant Contact, Matt has confidence in his studio’s ability to thrive in a competitive environment—including expanding to four locations around Boston.

Pairing Mindbody and Constant Contact can help your business.

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